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Brand new members and spam/forced meme entries.

Last posted Jun 12, 2012 at 08:35PM EDT. Added Jun 12, 2012 at 06:56PM EDT
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Hi, Tommy D here. I don’t do forums much (at all) and I don’t even know why I’m starting a thread for this but I don’t see one, so here it is. Brand new members shouldn’t be allowed to make entries. Like seriously, there are so many deadpooled pages made by brand new members trying to spam or force memes and I’ve seen a few people that have the same thought. And I’m not saying that all brand new members are making stupid entries, this Overlord Manatee that’s on the front page right now was made by a brand new member I think. He/she deserves a cookie, but still. Can some site mechanics or something actually disallow new members from making entries? Thoughts? Ideas? Discussions? Angry rants?

We’ve been through this too many times: Brand new members should be aloud to make entries. A lot of bnms have made great entries on the site. To take away the ability to make entries would put them off.

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You don’t want to know how many people went before you in suggesting this.

So yeah, that’s basically why we still allow it. Brand New Members often make entries we forgot about. So if they couldn’t create it, we could still be left in the dark about. We rather have a bunch of shitty entries and a good one made by Brand New Members than even more entries that would never even be there to begin with. Deadpooling entries is a 10 second job, we deadpool them quicker than they create them.

As for having shitty entries in the trending bar. Comments make up the trending bar. If you don’t want shit trending, don’t comment on the entry.

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