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Brand New Members

Last posted Aug 07, 2012 at 08:33AM EDT. Added Aug 07, 2012 at 06:35AM EDT
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Can’t see a search option. No idea if this has been posted before.

Would the ‘’Brand New Members’’ of KYM be worthy of an entry? The users who upload terrible memes which seems to be a daily occurrence. Now obviously it is only really relevant to KYM itself but maybe it can be made a subentry to Noob or something? Hell there’s so many of them it could be almost be a subculture…

Seems its common enough and well known enough on KYM, think its worth the effort or no?

Just found this quote from the ’’DEADPOOLED’’ meme

5 months ago. +12

Okay. Fuck the police.
I propose that all “Brand New Members” CANNOT create a meme entry on our database. It allows for pointless shit like this to spam up our dataz, and that simply cannot do.
Every single time something like this happens, they always do something of the following: Post that there are “no known variations”, use terrible grammar/spelling, post the entry to garner attention, post exactly twelve pictures of their own creation, say they/a close friend created the meme, show no spread/evidence whatsoever, and sometimes even rage at other users when people like me blatantly criticize them.
I know this is nothing new. But that simply goes to show that this has gone on for far too long. This is the only logical first step in eradicating total newfags from creating bullshit and saying it’s a meme just because they “created it”.

and with that done I’m back off to bed…

Yeah, no. BNM bashing on Know Your Meme isn’t internet notable, even if it does happen much more than it should. For the same reasons +1 X, Deadpool and the Cheeto are aren’t memes, it mustn’t be restricted to KYM.

First off, I would not point the finger at “newfags” when you cannot find the search bar. Just a suggestion.

  • It’s at the very top right of nearly every page on the site. It should say “Search the database…” in gray.

Specifically in regards to RandomMan’s post:

We (would) rather have a bunch of shitty entries and a good one made by Brand New Members than even more entries that would never even be there to begin with. Deadpooling entries is a 10 second job, we deadpool them quicker than they create them.

As for having shitty entries in the trending bar. Comments make up the trending bar. If you don’t want shit trending, don’t comment on the entry.

Three, see Cyber’s post. I’m not an entry person, but I know that memes specific to the site aren’t notable on the Web. If you’re talking about people new to any site or the web, then there’s an app entry for that already.
Four, locking, because it has been addressed several times. Please don’t speak of “eradication” of users. Most new users get better in time.

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