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Last posted Nov 02, 2012 at 10:50AM EDT. Added Nov 02, 2012 at 04:44AM EDT
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People have accepted that porn can be posted in the IRC as long as it is tagged with a clear “nsfw” warning, so if a person clicks, they know what they’re clicking. What you did was post a picture of a dead body, without a tag or warning, which, even with the tag, would’ve been against the rules. There’s a clear difference between porn and gore, and I don’t think gore should have to be listed; that should be an obvious thing not to post.

Thanks for clearing it up madcat, the lack of a tag and the difference between the usual porn posts and a corpse are most certainly important factors.

Gore is listed in the site rules and the IRC is considered part of the site.

It should be clear we don’t really follow the site rules in the IRC. So far it simply has hardly ever occured that we had to deal with gore in the IRC.

Fucking shitty ass moderators.

Please do not insult the moderators for just doing their job. I believe you have done this multiple times in the past, but I’ll leave it at a warning (for now).

Last edited Nov 02, 2012 at 10:37AM EDT

The IRC rules on NSFW are different than the site rules.
The IRC specifically says no explicit content. It’s fairly obvious that gore is explicit.
Porn and Gore are however tolerated in the IRC if you add a NSFW tag. As madcat said, you didn’t add a tag.
The rules of the IRC need further clarification, which the mods have been discussing for a while now, but if you go into the IRC and just post gore or porn willy-nilly then you just aren’t connecting the dots.

EDIT: Since why you were kicked has been explained, and the entire purpose of the thread was to complain about not knowing the rules, locking.

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