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Quick suggestion for KYM.

Last posted Nov 11, 2009 at 12:28AM EST. Added Nov 08, 2009 at 11:34PM EST
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Well, even though I’m new to the website and all, I had an idea to seperate the real deadpool threads and the legitimate “well I gave it a shot but it’s not exactly a meme” threads.

My idea? Create a fad section. Remember that all memes are fads, but not all fads are memes. There are some relatively funny fads that aren’t quite meme material, but they ARE still fads. It would be cool if there could be a fad section as well, and just like the confirmed section, the fad must be explained with a decent amount of detail and legitimate information.

Now, before I get chewed out with comments such as “This is KYM, not KYF&Ms” and “lolwut”, I’d also like to point out that if you check the deadpool section, the ones that are decently written but don’t exactly qualify as memes are either single-famous videos with no spinoffs or fads that don’t qualify as memes.

Also, another suggestion for the board would be to set up a section for information needed to understand memes (for example, the trolling thread- knowing what trolling is is necessary to understand such memes as the Gold Membership meme or the “u mad????” meme). More reference to the reasoning behind the memes would add to the epic lulz one would experience while reading through the various entries, don’t you think?

So… do you agree? Disagree? tl;dr? I’d like some constructive criticism on my ideas/suggestions, if possible. :3

1. There has been talk of separating the deadpool wheat from the chaff. But I’m not sure if it’s super important.

2. That’s why we have “part of a series on ____” In those cases it would be a series on trolling.

I think that there should also be a section for in-fandom memes. Basically, it has pretty much all the requirements and behavior of a meme, yet it stays within a specific group rather than becoming a universal in-joke. An example would be Spess Mehrens – few people who aren’t 40K fans ever use it, though it’s gotten a lot of attention within its niche and isn’t restricted to just one community. It’s also shown up in quite a few YouTube Poops.

For me, the deadpool should be used for ‘funny epic fail’s’ like this:

But not for ‘regular fails’ or trolling like this:

And of course for fads or ‘promising-but not-so-widespread-memes’

And perhaps they can be arranged according to what fandom they spawned from. All the Warhammer memes will be in one place, as will the TF2 memes, and so on and so forth.


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