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KYM General Tag Discussion / Advice

Last posted Nov 07, 2013 at 05:31PM EST. Added Nov 02, 2013 at 03:56PM EDT
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Okay guys. Since the most of users have an ability to change tags of other users uploads, i think we should settle few things before.


Gif tags are completely unnecessary. Users can easily hover on “images” tab on search results and then click “gif”. I think we should use “animated” tags more. Of course it should be animated to deserve its tag. Vibrated gifs or that kind of thing shouldn’t be count.

The only think that bothers me is when you click on the images tab directly. It doesn’t have that kind of option.


I have been working on this lately. “seizure warning” tag is helpful for some users to avoid open flashy, shaky or epileptic image series.
Most of the imagebooru sites use this thing (and spoiler tagged images), i think we should too.
Also we need to tag nearly every single image on the Party Hard, Nebula gifs and vibrating gifs galleries. I am kinda bored to tag all of them.


We don’t need to use a tag like “mlp” for MLP images on MLP gallery for example. For the other entries, of course we should use this tag.


I have a new idea. We can use tags as a report system. For example; we can add tag to the images which is x-rated or unrelated with “delete list”. “Delete list” can be viewed by moderators and adminsators. I know we are also using “image cleaning thread” but this would also useful.

or simply some kind of report system? We don’t even have that!


Okay i have seriously have a lots of question marks on this one.
Which image can be considered as spoiler?
How do we clarify that which episode spoiler of certain show or anime is that image has?

On the various imagebooru sites uses this thing actually. It shows which episode that spoiler comes from on the spoiler as hovered. How do we manage the same thing?


We should really think about the tags like “omg”, “lol”, “awful” or this kind of things. They may seems to be helpful but they are not. Really really really unrelated images can be pop up.
Quality should be decided by karmas, not tags.

But the image series that also belongs to other entries like “dafuq” or “cringeworthy” should be acceptable. But we really should avoid other reactions.

Maybe “cute” is fair enough, but still not sure. You see there is also a problem with the search. It also shows an entry related things. Why do i see “That’s Cute” results on “cute” search?

What do you think? What did i miss?

Last edited Nov 02, 2013 at 04:21PM EDT

Sorry for doublepost but, i wanna ask something.

Why we can’t tag featured images or image series belong to locked galleries??
Untagged images are stucked in here. “Untagged list” doesn’t work anymore.

Last edited Nov 05, 2013 at 05:12AM EST

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