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Meme Categories?

Last posted Nov 30, 2009 at 07:16PM EST. Added Nov 29, 2009 at 04:37PM EST
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The confirmed section should be divided up into different categories, like Image Macros, Viral Videos, NSFW Memes, Forced Memes, and any other categories that would help organize things. Just a suggestion to make things better.

Also, how about categories for Internet Speak

I think this will be the upcoming dictionary they’re working on.
But else, yes, I think that memes categories are a good idea.

Here are the categories that I think would work (Memes could be in more than one category):

Image Macros – Advice Dog, Exploitables, Ect.

4chan Memes – Exactly what it says

Video Memes – Viral Videos and responses

NSFW Memes – Stuff like Rule 34…

Forced Memes – Forced Memes that Made it big

MADs – Anime/Video Game music videos and the like

Human Error – FAIL, Boom Goes the Dynamite, Ect.

Mainstream Memes – Memes that became Mainstream

What others would work best?

Maybe a YTMND memes categories as well.
But, concerning the memes where the derivatives are as famous in YTMNDs than image macros or videos ?
How will we choose the correct category ?

I made a list like this two months ago to help me categorize memes. Here it is though it’s sort of broad:

- Audio-Visual Videos (which are basically the song and dance memes)
- Bait-and-traps (AKA the Rolls)
- Catchphrases (i.e. “This is Sparta!”, “Over 9000!”, etc.)
- Fictional/*Chan-created Characters (self explanatory)
- Image Macros (add-caption-on-picture memes)
- Internet Popularized Celebrities (self explanatory)
- Internet Speak (words or phrases that would be added in the soon-to-come KYM Dictionary)\
- Lipdubs (lip syncing videos)
- LOLcats (LOLcat-related memes, duh)
- Oh, Exploitables! (shoop-image-on-picture memes)
- One Takes (videos done in one shot imitated by other people)
- Picture Memes (i.e. “Picture Unrelated” and “Facepalm”. There’s no better way to classify memes like this, really)
- Trolling Memes (memes that were made for trolling purposes such as “An Hero”)
- “X” Memes (word-insertion memes such as “X Y is X” and “X in my Y?”)
- Youtube Poops (corrupted videos created on Youtube made for the lulz)
- YTMND Fads (sites made of freeze-frames or gifs usually having superimposed text or music added to them)

Yes. Yes. All great ideas, folks. Technically, some of the category suggestions made above are already in place, just need to be updated. I’ll start working on that right now. For the newcomers to this site, classifying the meme entries & adding dictionary has been a holy grail agenda for some time. So we’ve actually got a couple tools on our hands to sort all this out: 1) memeplex / submeme feature, 2) tags (more important).

The first method involves clustering individual meme entries in some sort of hierarchy, according to their common origins & roots. For example, LOLcat is the parent entry of all smaller LOLcat jokes like Keyboard Cat, Ceiling Cat, etc. If we zoom out a little bit more, 4Chan is the parent entry of LOLcat, along with other 4chan-born image macro series and catchphrases. For now, this is an admin-only function, but please feel free to make notes/comments in entries regarding how each one should be classified.

The second method involves tagging meme entries topically according to common themes & motifs. I consider this a broader & preferred way to sort things out on this site, since everyone can tag their submissions into particular categories using the right keywords. TWO ELEMENTS THAT SHOULD BE NOTED IN TAG FIELD: 1) MEDIUM (ex: @viral videos, @animated GIFs, @image macros, @MAD videos) and 2) THEME (ex: #freakout, #commercial, #celebrity, #dance).

In addition, media categories like “viral video” and “image macro” will be given their own dictionary/glossary entries for better clarification.

Guize, I couldn’t agree more that this sort of category navigator needs to be more visible on the site. But in the meantime, we can prep it up behind-the-scene with tags/keywords until it’s ready to launch. In my opinion, such category tags can be as formal or witty, as long as they’re used consistently by the KYM contributors.

Here’s a tentative list of “thematic categories” that we put together a few months back, although they need some serious updates & could certainly use new additions.

Classics features a collection of “timeless” memes that forever changed THE GAME.

Humiliation covers viral video and image macro entries depicting existential failures from around the globe. This would be appropriate for FAIL entries & Exploitables entries.

Newscast features viral videos and meme entriethat spawned out of peculiar news stories & sensational journalism.

Cuteness makes you go aww.

Grossness makes you go wtf. High chance of NSFW.

Commercial covers viral videos & memes that spawned out of TV commercials, advertisements and viral marketing campaigns

Internet Stardom covers internet-born celebrities, pop icons and webcam personalities. Also try Pop Icons / Webcam FAMO

Raging covers viral videos and personalities that are a thousand mile away from self-composure and thus a great source of lulz.

Gaming covers everything from/within computer/video games.

Japan covers everything from/within Japanese cultures.

Techno / Dance presents KYM entries that’s built around catchy techno/dance/electronica music. Of which, there is lots of.

Hip Hop features KYM entries on hip hop celebrities, music videos, etc. (Ex: Choppa City Suit, Soulja Boy, Yo Dawg)

Animals covers entries featuring animals and mythical creatures, rather than humans. (Ex: LOLcats)

Non-english covers popular memes from outside of English-speaking regions.

Engrish features memes and slang entries inspired by funny grammatical errors.

I agree with Tomberry. You’re list is much broader than mine without getting too broad. I like it. Though, wouldn’t classifying something under “Classics” be like generalizing certain memes. I agree that several memes fall under that category but where do we draw the borderline?


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