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Happy KYM Tagging Awareness Week!

Last posted Apr 01, 2014 at 09:07PM EDT. Added Mar 31, 2014 at 09:26PM EDT
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So, just because, I’ve decided to label this week KYM Tagging Awareness Week, a week in which we spread the knowledge of how important tagging images is to this site.

So, here are a few questions you might have about this week and what you can do to help spread tagging awareness.

Acknowledge the Importance of Taggers and Helping Them Out

You may not have noticed them, but there are some very cool people behind the scenes working to keep KYM a little more organized. Anyone with Scrapbooker powers (people who upload at least 100 images) is allowed to tag any image they choose to tag, save for front-paged ones. Not many people with Scrapbooker powers take advantage of them unfortunately. Currently, there are over 172,000 untagged images with over 1,000 views alone! However, there are a few people who actively tag untagged images such as Deltamelon, Loli, Kung Fu Cthulhu, and Jacob. This is only from what I know, so if you would like to mention any more active taggers for us to honor this week, this is the place to do so! Remember, they don’t have to be alone. If you have scrapbooking powers, feel free to help them out! If you don’t, just add relevant tags to every image you upload. It may sound tedious, but it only takes a few extra seconds and it helps a whole lot!

Tagging Tips

Tagging isn’t just reckless. Don’t use tags as a way to mess around. The reason we have tags is so users can find a picture they saw and want to find again using only a few keywords with relative ease. People don’t want to spend 10 minutes fishing for an image in its gallery, especially if it is a particularly large one. In fact, they might not even remember what gallery it belonged to! To make sure you tag as effectively as possible, here are Sam’s Tagging Tips!

1) If an image has text on it, try to include the text if it is only a sentence. If there is too much, use the most important words.

2) When tagging an image from the Reaction Faces gallery, the tagging system that has been set up to narrow down the rather extensive gallery is by typing in reaction:indicated reaction. Of course, instead of indicated reaction, you would insert the emotion the reaction image is trying to express. If there is no discernible emotion that can be pulled from the image for some reason, feel free to add other relevant tags as usual. Remember, add the reaction:blank tag to a reaction face, but add more relevant tags as well to make it easier to search for.

3) If you are curious for places in which to tag, go to large galleries with heavy daily activity such as Reaction Faces and go through tagging images which are in need of it. Another method is to tag images seen in the “Trending Images” box at the site’s homepage. These usually are not tagged and receive many views. A last option is to use the “Admin Area” at the top of the homepage for scrapbookers.

Well, that’s all I have! Feel free to add anything you feel I left out! Good luck!

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These are the “reaction:X” tags we’ve been using so far.

  • awe, fuckyou, faget, epic
  • omg, wtf, shock, ohshit, horror, wat
  • scared, nervous, tired, sad
  • yes, yay, joy, excited, pleased, thanks, cheers, lol
  • no, why, anger, rage, suicide

For more references, check here.

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4) If you see someone who posts lots of images but never tags them, feel free to send them a PM telling them to tag their things in the future. Even if it is the staff or a mod, go ahead and inform them of the importance of tagging. It may sound naggy, but it is for the best interests of the site and organization.

I can get away with this because it’s April 1st right?

In all seriousness though, tag your images. I’m happy to help, but I also want get it the point so that I don’t feel like I have to help. I’ve dug through hundreds of gallery pages to look for images because the uploader didn’t add tags and it gets bothersome.


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