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Threadjacking [edit: has been] a problem [and is being addressed in feature development]

Last posted Dec 31, 2009 at 12:52PM EST. Added Dec 30, 2009 at 02:34PM EST
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uh, thats what happened to /b/. And then /b/ was never the same again.

Everyone left, went somewhere else.

The interwebs its supposed to be fun right? Too harsh of rules doesnt make funs.

That would mean you would be banned anytime you post, Watcher, for you are always showing your hatred of /b/ or “the dark side of Internet (baaaaaw)” whenever you can, even if the topic doesn’t in any way talk about it.

While I also believe that harshness and “fear inspired by those who got the power instead of being too much friendly” are the only way to deal with trolls, flooders and spammers, you should look into the mirror before judging others, next time.

Well of course when the spams and trolls are unfunny and obvious then you do throw the banhammer but still… I like lax rules that keep order but still keep the fun environment in play.

Berry-kun is raging again. Maybe you should change your avatar.

Awww, but I like thread jacking. Its fun, like Blah said. If you want the thread back, just keep it going like the hijack never happened.

If there is a banhammer, I will bawwwwwwww.

There is a banhammer, but if you’re not a troll you probably won’t see it.

Personally, I don’t really see this as that big a deal. We’ve got bigger problems than threadjacking and I’d like those to be addressed first.

In my opinion, it’s ok to post somewhat irrelevant posts if everyone generally stays on topic.
Also, some threads deserve to be threadjacked, such as “Would you like to pet my duck?”

Ok, here’s my two cents.

If a thread is absolutely FUNing retarded, I will jack it. Since you cannot sage threads on KYM, this seems to be the only way to get people to stop posting in threads.

I.e. Trolling threads, most of my own threads (actually, ALL of my own threads), etc.

If someone is intentionally trolling ban them. But don’t ban them for threadjacking. That’s retarded, period.


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