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A friendly, helpful guide for the newbies.

Last posted Jan 22, 2014 at 05:23AM EST. Added Feb 21, 2010 at 04:00PM EST
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Here are some tips that will help you be better accepted as a member of Know Your Meme.

1. We do not create memes on this site. Period. So do not try this.

2. +1 confirm is annoying. (especially when the article is already confirmed)

3. Trolling and spamming are grounds for a BAN!

4. Do not upload pornographic examples of a meme.

5. Not every funny thing that you find on the internet is a meme.

6. Seeing it on /b/ (even if it is a GET) does not necessarily make it a meme.

7. If you are unsure if something is a meme or not, ask in the forums BEFORE making the entry.

8. If you need help, ask.

9. Do not try to intentionally offend people.

10. Carefully search for an entry BEFORE you make it.

11. Making an account on Know Your Meme just to tell us you do not think something is a meme is annoying.

12. +1 deadpool is annoying (especially on a confirmed entry).

13. We are not /b/. Do not treat us as such.

14. If you made it, chances are it will never be a meme.

15. DO not assume that we at Know Your Meme are stupid.

16. If you do not approve of a meme, do not flames us about it. We document memes, not promote them.

If any other established KYM members have other things to add, just tell me.

And newbies, post your comments.

Last edited Feb 23, 2010 at 02:09PM EST

Lola Landa wrote:

Another one:

Use tags and submemes when needed.
Don’t just go and thumb up or down everything, people would think your are spamming or trolling.

Seriously, do you actually know anything about KYM’s site structure?

Piano wrote:

Seriously, do you actually know anything about KYM’s site structure?

XD Agreed.
I don’t think +1 and -1 is annoying…………………’s only annoying when it’s already confirmed, like you said.

Here’s another tip, if you want to change “New Member”, well you need to do something, I think? (give me the link too and you can’t rename the “New Member” and some other on your account is few percent can change it [very few I guess]) Oh and @watcher you forget to said no posting gore stuff too.

Last edited Nov 30, 2011 at 04:41AM EST

PickyMcCritical wrote:

This isn’t really a guide, this is a list of guidelines. I came here for comment formatting help as well as linking images and YouTube videos : \

Here’s some Textile help
That should suit most of your needs. As for Jew YouTube Videos, just go into the description, click share, click embed, then copypaste.
Don’t worry, I just figured out links.

Last edited Nov 30, 2011 at 09:07PM EST

“Thanks for giving us the guidelines at least we now know the limitations of this site.

It could really help us (the newbies)"

Spam, yep they are trolling us now.

jubru wrote:

how do you get a ‘title’ such as RandomMan’s Bitch, lurker, conversationalist, Database Moderator & Alpha as F**k, etc??? Just curious.

Most of the titles are obtainable through contributions, in which more is explained here. Mod titles are obtained through modship, in which the admins pick who is eligible for those. And the Alpha and RM titles are part of the KYM CBC a month ago.

Shrusxaiken wrote:

Guys how about the flash animations in the comments?

I don’t know how to embed them or if it’s even possible. I’ve never wanted to try it, because having too much media in a forum post/comment strikes me as being distracting.

But this guide may have some information that will help you answer the question. Some HTML is supported in the comments along with forum posts, so you may want to try HTML tags and stuff on your profile before taking it to a Comments section.

Woskis wrote:

but what is the gold member things and what ranks are there? i signed up for not very long and im already gold…

I think this is a pretty good point too. I’m fairly new to the site myself, and I haven’t found much that explains the subtler details of the site outside of how to behave…

Inkswitch wrote:

I’ve just signed up for a KYM account and have a question about the comments section: how do I post an image/video as part of a comment?

How to embed Youtube videos

  1. Go to desired video
  2. Click on Share
  3. Click on embed
  4. Copy the seemingly complex string of text in the text box
  5. Paste
    How to post images
  6. Go to desired image
  7. Right click the image
  8. Click on “Open image on new tab” (or anything like that)
  9. Copy the URL
  10. Put two “!s”
  11. Paste between the “!s”

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