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Rejected memes?

Last posted Apr 28, 2009 at 12:21AM EDT. Added Apr 15, 2009 at 06:48PM EDT
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Shouldn’t there be some sort of list of memes Know Your Meme has rejected so new people don’t make the same mistakes? I remember someone tried to make a Bibarel meme but that never made the cut, and I imagine there have more than just one meme you guys have rejected.

Now that you mention it, this might be a good idea. We have rejected quite a few now.
Just this I saw someone had added Nicholas Cage as a meme. Nicholas Cage is an actor, not a meme. If there’s a good running-gag that about him that turns out to be memetic, it could be worth considering but Nicolas Cage himself is not a meme for the same reason that Milhouse is not a meme. He’s already a household name.

One might argue “why are Slowpoke and Mudkips memes?” They already are household names among Pokemon fans, but the memes have consistent forumalae.

Also, we’re working on drafting up a list of criteria for people to read before they submit meme entries. Most of the entries that have been rejected outright were because of shameless self-promotion. There’s nothing worse than someone adding their self to the database. There have also been those who have tried to “create” a meme by making a bunch of pictures, making up a loose back-story that can’t be verified, and then submitting the entry. We have absolutely no interest in launching memes. There’s already enough shady astroturfing going on inside the world of viral videos.

Do you mean that thing where Nicholas Cage just randomly gets posted with stuff on his head?

I’m pretty sure Psyduck was the ‘big thing’ before Mudkips. Probably only a matter of time before the internet infatuation with pokemon… evolves – oh yeah, I went there.

The problem with Nicholas Cage as a meme is that the vast majority of the shops came from a photoshopping contest on

Photoshop contests on Cracked are huge, but I’m hesitant to designate every subject of their contests as memes.


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