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Captain Falcon Streams Vidya Gaems!

Last posted Jul 01, 2014 at 07:18PM EDT. Added Jun 20, 2014 at 07:51PM EDT
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NEXT STREAM: Cards Against Humanity and Board Game Online.

To celebrate my being able to stream on Twitch, (Sorry guys, can’t be bothered with due to the new layout) I am now proud to say that I will be doing a hopefully weekly PC game stream! I might be able to eventually do console games, but for now it’s only PC Games.

The stream is every monday, thursday, and saturday at around 6 PM EST, for like 2-3 hours, hopefully.

Here are the games i’m available to stream: (Bolded means viewers can join in)
- Counter Strike: Source.
- Dark Souls 2
- All 3 Doom Games.
- GMod
- Killing Floor
- L4D2
- Loadout
- Minecraft
- Monaco: What’s Yours is Mine.
- Moonbase Alpha
- Portal 2
- Saint’s Row IV
- Civilization V
- Skullgirls
- SpeedRunners (If it fucking gets patched, because there’s a glitch where your friends can’t join in.)
- Super Hexagon (Might be a pre main game thing)
- XCOM: Enemy Within.
- Surgeon Simulator 2013
- The Binding of Isaac
- Poker Night at the Inventory
- Poker Night 2
- Amnesia: The Dark Descent
- Dungeons of Dredmor
- PAYDAY: The Heist
- Plants vs. Zombies: GOTY Edition
- Q.U.B.E
- Rock of Ages
- The Ship
- Super Meat Boy
- Team Fortress 2

(More games will be put on the list depending on what I decide to download.)
So yeah, I hope you tune in whenever I stream.

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CrowTheMagician wrote:

Do you be any chance have the Brave New World expansion pack for Civ 5?

Why, I do. However, tomorrow, if Natsuru is not Streaming, I plan to be playing with mods. Maybe another time, mate.

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Alright, the schedule for tonight is that i’m gonna fuck around with the Broforce Brototype until people get in, and then i’ll play Modded Civ V. You get to pick the nation, and victory type!


- Senator Armstrong, World Marshall Inc.
UA: (Unique Ability) War Off Our Shores:
Earn 1 delegate in the world congress for each civilization that you are at war with and have at least 5 military units in their territory. Gold cost of purchasing units is 15% less.
UU: (Unique Unit) Cyborg Ninja (Replaces Mechanized Infantry)
Melee unit instead of Gunpowder. Heals completely upon killing an enemy unit. Earns a large amount of Science for every kill.
UB: (Unique Building) Desperado Junta (Replaces Courthouse)
Eliminates Unhappiness from occupied cities. +10% Military Unit construction. If built in a conquered City-State, receive delegates in World Congress equal to however many you would get from it if it was your Ally.

- Big Boss, the MSF
UA: Army Without a Nation
Cannot build Settlers nor annex cities. Start with additional Units. City conquest and Units stationed in protected City-States provide Gold and Salvage, a unique resource which can upgrade your Palace.
How it works:
- Pledge to protect a City-State.
- Move one or more of your units to a tile owned by that City-State.
- At the beginning of your turn, if there are any units within the borders of a protected City-State, you will receive Gold based on your current unit maintenance costs as well as your friendship level with the City-State. Additionally, you will receive Salvage towards upgrading Mother Base equivalent to the Unit’s combat strength.
- You will also gain Salvage from conquering cities.
- Barbarians will occasionally spawn directly near a City-State if you have units stationed there. This is known as an Outer Ops mission.
UU1: Stealth Operative
Replaces Paratrooper. It has 4 movement instead of just two, and gains +25% strength when attacking any unit. It has a penalty attacking cities and cannot capture them. It ignores enemy Zone of Control. It is also invisible to enemy units, however if it gets close enough the enemy
*UU 2: Metal Gear *
Replaces Giant Death Robot.It requires 4 aluminum, Robotics technology, and requires Mother Base to be at its maximum level. Additionally, it cannot be bought with Gold or Faith, and costs twice as much Production as the Giant Death Robot. These requirements are there for a reason, though -- it has an astronomical 250 Combat Strength, and ignores any terrain movement penalties. It also can carry a single Missile. Only one may be owned at a time. You may upgrade this unit’s Combat Strength with earned Salvage if it is garrisoned in your Capital.

-Darth Sidious, Galactic Empire.
UA: Galactic intimidation:
Units require 15% less experience to upgrade and tiles require 15% gold and culture to purchase.
UU (Stormtrooper) and UB (Scrap Station) I have no clue what they do, sorry.

-Dr. Eggman, Eggman Empire.
UA: Scientific Genius:
Strategic Resources provide +1 Science. Receive a tech boost each time a scientific building/Wonder is built in your capital.
UB: Capsule: (Replaces Circus)
Doesn’t provide Happiness. Needs 1 improved land animal resource in city to be built (Deer, Sheep, Cattle or Horse). Provides 10% Science, plus 1 Science for each one of these animal resources in city. Has higher maintenance cost. If a city with a Capsule is captured, the capturing civilization will gain much more gold as would be the case in a city without a Capsule.
UU: Death Egg Robot (Replaces Paratrooper):
Strong ranged unit that can paradrop. Has a special promotion that reduces adjacent enemies’ combat strength by -10%. Requires 1 Iron to build. Can’t be upgraded.

-Glorious Leader, Arstotzka
UA: Glory To Arstotzka:
+1 Production per 5 Citizens. -1 Food per 5 Citizens. -1 Hapiness per City. 1 Free Worker per City.
UU: Border Guard:
A riflemen costing no maintenance and with a 50% Combat bonus in friendly territory, outside of friendly territory the Border Guard is a far weaker version of the rifleman with a combat value of only 55. However the Border Guard is cheaper.
UB: Border Checkpoint:
Acts as a buffed up police station, reduces enemy spy stealing rate by 33% and costs no maintenance. Also has 3 Immigration Inspector, specialist slots.
The immigration inspector specialist slot when worked provides 3 gold per turn.


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Adolf Hitler, Nazi Germany
UA: Das Vaterland:
Great Generals may be expended like Great Scientists for a large amount of Science. Melee and Gun units increase the chance of spawning a Great General from combat by 50%.
UU1: Wehrmacht:
The Wehrmacht is the unique German replacement for the Infantry. It carries the Blitz promotion, allowing it to attack twice in a single turn, making it a deadly fighting force.
UU2: Panzer:
The Panzer is the German unique unit, replacing the tank. It is both stronger and faster than the tank. It also can move after combat, allowing it to blow huge holes in enemy lines and then barrel through before the enemy can repair the gap.

-Liquid Ocelot, Outer Heaven
UA: Guns of the Patriots:
Cannot build Settlers. Gain progress towards a Golden Age each turn for every active war between Civilizations you have met, including yourself. Earn PMC Incorporators at double rate during a Golden Age.
UU 1: Haven Trooper:
Replaces XCOM Squad. In addition to all of the abilities of the XCOM Squad, it gains +50% Strength vs. Cities and gains double the normal Combat Strength bonus from flanking.
UU 2: PMC Incorporator:
Replaces Great General. These units do not give combat bonuses to nearby units, but they are capable of founding Cities. Cities founded by these units start with 2 extra population points and automatically have Barracks constructed (but only if Outer Heaven constructs them -- this does not occur if a PMC Incorporator is obtained by another Civilization). The first four cities founded by a PMC Incorporator will also have unique buildings which give Gunpowder and Armored units trained within them unique promotions. They can also construct Manufactories and Customs Houses, if no new cities are desired.

-Starman Deluxe, The Starmen
UA: Starman Legions:
The Starmen are without number, their technology beyond understanding. They fight well while damaged, recieve 10% more xp, +2 science for each Fort and Citadel, and +1 science for each specialist.
UU: the Starmen:
replacing the Mech Infantry. The Starmen move very quickly able to both paradrop and move after attacking.
UB: the Mani Mani Statue:
replacing National Epic. The Mani Mani Statue is a national wonder. The Mani Mani Statue projects Giygas’ evil around it. It provides +15% Great General growth, +10% xp, and a Great General spawns in the city that its built in.

And there are all the players, go ahead and vote on which one I get to play as

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

A Quick Edit: I shall be streaming at 5:30 PM EST, playing Broforce for half an hour. At 6:00 EST I shall be playing Civilization V.
A Quick Note: You can vote during the time I play Broforce.

Alright. I’ll be there.


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