Know Your Meme IRC Chat

Get to know your fellow researchers.

If you liek, then join the chat and pick a nickname!

Join the IRC

(Java required.)

Some Rules

Be respectful. No flooding, no bots, and no obscene content (no loli's, no porn, no nudity.)


The #knowyourmeme channel is our IRC discussion panel for research on memes, site improvements, and other related items. Anything else goes into the…


The #OMGKYM channel is our IRC tikibar, and is for Just For Fun discussions, offbeat topics, and trolling.

Client Downloads

A list of IRC clients we recommend:

Windows:  Trillian, mIRC, Pidgin
Mac: Colloquy, Pidgin
Linux: Pidgin

Tips & Commands

You can find the Know Your Meme IRC channels on (irc://, and join us in the #knowyourmeme and #OMGKYM channels.

For an awesome list of IRC commands, check out

Dubtron also sits in the #knowyourmeme chat and has a few commands that jamiew has written. Check those out at

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