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John G
John G

The definition of a meme is an idea that moves from person to person like a self perpetuating disease or bacteria because people actually find the thing itself infectious, because they find it actually interesting, funny, shocking, sexy, stupid, or something that makes just you go “OMG LOOK AT THIS!” or “oh wow this thing is interesting. I think I’ll pass it on”

A MEME IS NOT “people are passing this on, so I should do it too so I’ll fit in with the crowd” which is what this planking bullshit is. To me, that’s not even a “forced meme.” It’s a “Hey guys, let’s do a Mee-mee, like they do in the internet!”


This reminds me of an old image from “The Wobbly Paradox” on Foon.co.uk. There was an image there of a stickman with his head in the freezer with the speech bubble “I wish to freeze my head”. It’s been removed and I couldn’t recover the image from the Wayback Machine, so good luck finding it.


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