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You guys need a better proofreader! There is a spelling mistake in the paragraph about Lil B’s fight with Nico or whatever.
“…retaliated with a combo that a first startled Lil B but the final punch”
Replace the a with at.

Daft Punkjet
Daft Punkjet

This guy has literally one of the most annoying fanbases out there. More annoying than the bronies, casual COD gamers, Bieber fans, dad rockers, Sonic fans, nintendrones, Philadelphia sports fans and Yankees fans combined. His fanbase won’t shut up and keeps spamming “Swag” or “LIL B is better” all over the place. They don’t know when a fad has passed and just keeps on going.


maybe not lil b himself, but calling stuff ‘based’ like “thank you based ___” or “how can one ___ be so based?” etc. is easily a meme. You’ll probably find ‘based’ in every /sp/ thread. Just cause you don’t like it doesn’t mean it isn’t a meme.


Reply to all of the “you had to be there to get it” comments
That’s why this site is here. Edit the post to help us understand the whole thing. This page hardly helped me understand anything about the whole based god “meme.” I don’t understand anything about the “thank you based god” part either. So for all of you “you had to be there to get it” commenters, edit the page if you get it.


+1 Keep. There’s definitely enough social diffusion to call this a meme; the Osama is Dead video is a testament to that.

People here need to be more objective, and not just deadpool memes because they don’t like them. Memes are about pervasive popularity, not whether you personally think it’s dumb or not. Keep this in mind in future.

Sammy The Bull
Sammy The Bull

This is actually really funny but you guys dont understand the story behind lil b and the basedgod movement obviously you guys dont like hip hop so of course you guys wouldnt find this hilarious like i do but w/e i guess you guys arent #BASED enough

BTW lil b fucked my sister so what i let him #SWAGG!


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