Blood Raining Night

Blood Raining Night

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     Blood Raining Night started off as a terribly written fan fiction published on Quizilla, March 19th, 2012, by ReicheruKetsuekineko. Its infamy increased on DeviantArt around chapter 9 (an ass-wrenching sex scene) and it soon graduated into an animation. Lightly treading the same clusterfuck footsteps that My Immortal and Nyan~ Neko Sugar Girls did, Blood Raining Night has rightfully earned its own unique spot on the shelf of hilariously bad fandom. The story is about a 17-year-old girl who is a hybrid of a cat-demon and a vampire with a few magical powers that works for the Yakuza. She is classified as a “Mary Sue” due to her overly tragic past, bland, yet ever-changing personality, kawaii cat ears and boobs that are so enormous that they are sometimes unintentionally used as a weapon. This girl, named Reicheru Ketsuekineko-Oni, is confronted by her abusive father who is back with a vengeance after he was supposedly killed by her many years ago. His hatred for her is rooted in an event that happened when she was a little girl, when her cat-demon had randomly decided take over and eat her mother alive.


     Soon after the fan fiction begins, Reicheru cheats on the “love of her life” (Denmark from Hetalia) and is impregnated with Inuyasha’s rapidly-growing godbaby--the earthly god of the “Shinto-Kamimichi” religion. With the help of her friends Yuki, Minna, and Aza, Reicheru is determined to kill her father and protect her child. Many characters in the Blood Raining Night fan fiction and fanime are from popular sources such as Inuyasha, Hellsing, Elfen Lied, Legend of Korra, and Hetalia. Almost all of these characters are described poorly and written completely out of character. A great deal of the author’s OCs are bland and unimpressive, but she did create some memorable ones. Sensei Hanayubi is probably the most loved OC in Blood Raining Night. He is endearing, funny and kind in both the fanime and the fan fiction, and is portrayed as a dedicated teacher who often finds himself in obscurely perverted situations that he’s completely oblivious to. In the fanime, Alucard is also a very popular character because of his oddly funny voice acting and silly dialogue. In contrast to the real Alucard from Hellsing, Reicheru’s version of Alucard tries to be bad-ass but epically fails and comes off as an utter joke, but even then he is still a likeable and popular character.

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Episodes (9) 62,000+
BRN Let’s Watch 10,000+
DA Page 23,000+
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“Nya~on!” is Reicheru’s signature quote. “Nya,” is the Japanese equivalent to, “meow” in English. The phrase, “nya~on” can be taken in different ways and is never explained by the author, but she often uses this quote when she is about to fight or is trying to encourage and assure her friends before a huge task. No one is sure why it’s punctuated the way it is, but it’s common to see teenage girls write “nya~” around the internet. “Reicheru” may possibly be mocking girls who do that (but only in the scenario that she’s trolling.)

Scary Sex Scenes and Cringe-Worthy Writing

     BRN doesn’t just have butchered, beloved characters to offer- oh no! If you like to read about people being murdered with dildos or cum raining down upon innocent citizens, then this story will suit you just fine! Besides the outrageous and confusing plot, the writing mechanics are just plain terrible; Misspelling after misspelling, inappropriately used Japanese, perfectly placed typos, grammatical errors and Reicheru’s signature similes create one funny but headache-educing experience. All of these factors contribute to Blood Raining Night’s bad record amongst the community.


Now that he was black, she didn’t know what to do.
she smiled and sunk into the cousions that huged her body like seran wrap around curvy meatloaf.
“No,” Korra stood up, “I AM an angle! I’m not crazy! That’s right, everyone, now you know my secret, I am PART ANGLE!”
“Oh god, no!” Sesshomaru screamed and his ass bleed like dhiarreah.
Tears of pain and darkness rolled down her eyes as her worst nightmare stepped towards her.

Is This a Joke?

     Well, to be honest, no one really knows at the moment and that’s what makes it stand out from it’s more popular predecessors (like the two titles I mentioned earlier.) Blood Raining Night’s infamy has spread across YouTube, Deviant Art,, and Tumblr.; You will find that on all of those sites, you will receive quite conflicting answers to that question. If the author/animator is a troll, then she has put a prodigious amount of effort into weaving a realistic scenario from head-to-toe. You will hear people strongly argue that Reicheru-Ketsueki is not a troll, and then you will also hear people who are certain she is one. “Reicheru” herself has not admitted to being a troll, if she even is.
Take a look at an excerpt from the Troll Debate: Reicheru-Ketsueki,

“If you look at everything Reicheru does individually (the fanfic, the fanime, her OCs), you might say that she’s definitely trolling. But you can’t just focus in on one thing; you have to look at the whole picture…On her Deviant Art, Reicheru doesn’t just post chapters to her fan-fiction. She also posts poems, drawings, art-trades and everything else someone who is serious about their Deviant Art would do…As Reicheru’s personality in the real-world becomes better, Reicheru’s personality in the story become better, too. This really gives me the feeling that she’s actually changing and growing up.”

And of course, she is also involved in her animation project and various other hobbies.

Words From the Community

[Replies to “Reicheru”]

This is the worst story that happened to mankind.

Uhm… I admire your guts for posting this, however, I seriously can’t tell if you were trying to create the shittiest thing you could imagine, or you’re a master troll. Mad props though, loyal fan.

This is a troll fanfic. Only troll fanfics can be this bad. I wish my blood tasted like Capri-Sun though.

Okay. I’m done…It is not the readers that are immature because of the comments about the hentai-if it’s even that. Its you, my friend. Every sex scene is so poorly written, it kills my eyes, and I’m sure it does for many other people as well. Obviously this isn’t a trollfic.

Okay im going to be honest. The artwork needs work…but oh my god. That poor teacher. I literally started bawling. Nooooo

The confusion as to whether she is or is not trolling has also greatly contributed to Blood Raining Night’s growing popularity. As time has gone on, people that see Reicheru as an extremely crafty and dedicated troll or as a serious-but-terrible artist have embraced Blood Raining Night and have even shared a few tears. Reicheru has improved on not only her attitude towards harsh criticism and being seen as a joke, but also her artistic skills; and through all the hatred and general negativity, she still manages to write a new chapter and animate a new episode. Blood Raining Night even holds some of its own originality; it’s considered funny, disastrous, mind-fucking, heart-warming, and bizarre; but whatever it actually is, it’s here to stay.

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