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Button Mash

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Button Mash is a colt and the main character of JanAnimations’ project of mini-series “Button’s Adventures”.


On August 4th, 2013, YouTuber JanAnimations released the pilot of a mini-series called “Button’s Adventures”, about a colt fond of video games. The pilot quickly gained popularity among the brony fandom, giving birth to a few memes.

In a scene of the pilot, Button is drinking a juice box when he sees a label on the side: “Are you a winner?”. He rips it and finds another label “You lose… Better luck next time!”. Then he cries and calls his mom.


On August 6th, 2013, YouTuber My Little Visuals uploaded a video titled “Button is a noob faget”. In this video, the second label says “you can’t even play pong you filthy casual”. Many videos following the same template were uploaded in the next few days with various labels.

The same pattern can be found as an image:

Button’s Mom

After the release of the video, cloppers, certain bronies who have been known to fap to ponies, have been finding Button’s mom attractive, such as a song about her as well.

Mutton Bash

On August 4th, 2013, YouTuber DetectiveSpike recorded Button’s voice actor messing around during a stream. He posted it and titled it, “Button’s Erotic Adventure”. It inspired people to make quick flash animations based on some of the audio such as, “Mutton Bash’s Adventures” and “The Fresh Prince of Mutton”, both made by YouTuber MaydeEdits.

Memorable Quotes

Button (yelling): Mom! I’m ready for school!
Button’s Mom (exasperated shout): Its Sunday! Go back to bed!
Button: Never mind!

(refrigerator motor running, Button gasps)
(Button sips through straw, swallows, sighs)
Button: Hm?
*Are you a winner?
(Button gasps)
*Sorry, you lose… Better luck next time.
Button: (sobbing) Mo-o-om!

(Button flips switch, machine hums loudly)
(machine humming, Button taps glass)
Button (confused): Is it- is it broken? Mom?
(blipping noises)
(“game over” noise)
…I don’t get it.

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