BXF - The Funniest Pic Ive Seen In A Long time

BXF - The Funniest Pic Ive Seen In A Long time

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History and origins

Whilst 4Chan is largely accepted to be the source of all things despicable and deplorable on the Internet, the “Misc” section of the BodyBuilding.com forums manage to provide a combination of humor, successful trolling, inappropriate comments and content, as well as certain moderators who have an obsession with “negging everyone into oblivion”

BDX, a relatively unknown poster who first joined the site in August 2010, decided to start a thread entitled “Funniest pic ive seen in a LONG time”. As you can see below, this image is in no way funny.

What was funny, however, was BDX’s ludicrous avatar/display picture. (Seen below) Combined with his five-foot-three manlet status, the stage was set for an epic battle. In the blue corner, weighing in at 120 lbs, most of it makeup and eyeliner, BDX. In the red corner, weighing in at a combined weight of just less than one of BOZZ’s infamous mod negs, the rest of the misc.

Some clever posters, starting with “irollurmom” decided to caption BDXs photo to make something actually LULZ worthy. Here is the first result:

So Where Does Anything “Meme” Worthy Come Into This?

The real gem of BDX’s blatant troll posting came slightly later on in the thread, when, upon being confronted with numerous copies of “irollurmom’s” captioned image, the following line was dropped:

you know if you saw me in real life you wouldnt say a word to me you know you would get your self killed but in line everyone thinks they can kill you its funny

For anyone familiar with memes of a Misc origin, it was as obvious as ygbodybuilder10 is buff that this had the potential to be used along the lines of such memes and famous phrases as the now immortal “are you aware…” rant.

And so it began- members various of the Misc started flooding in left, right, and center, to see what all the fuss was about, and to revel and delight in the never-ending stupidity of BDX’s increasingly desperate and angered replies. More and more chops were created using the following Memegenerator template, eliciting further responses from BDX. Examples of note include:

your a joke dude probably all hopped up on creatine and other **** u take or i doubt youd be talking **** like that (for the unaware, one does not “hop” oneself up on creatine- it is a perfectly respectable over the counter supplement)

In response to the continued derogatory photoshops featured below, BDX made the following hilarious threat –
anyone come to pennsylvania or give me a ticket to you ill show u what murder is

u think your tough becuause you talk **** and give me negative rep but when pushed come to shove you take a step back

gotat love the internet i cant beleve this **** and there is no way to delete my whole post so the pictures are gone either

u have another thing comin to u if u think this is the end. everyone who participated inside the thread and sent negative rep your in deep **** ill tell u that much

To further the chicanery and shenanigans i cant believe this. my entire reputition on this forum is destroyed by a bunch of mother ****ing idiots who talk **** in line and are afraid to fight … all of you mother ****ers on that list have a big thing coming to you. my nephew james is a computer programmer he can do some nasty things to your machines.

cant wait to watch you guys cry and never talk **** in line agin

(Said list can be found below in picture format showing all those who “negged” BDX for his epic trolling/ludicrous statements)

Found in the images section below are a number of MISC-made chops relating to BDX. Please note that the thread is expanding constantly, and therefore this page will be updated as further news becomes available.

Oh and you know if you saw me in real life you wouldnt say a word to me you know you would get your self killed but in line everyone thinks they can kill you its funny

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