Caipirinha Dance

Caipirinha Dance

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The Caipirinha Dance refers to a style of animated dance videos similar to Caramelldansen, Paffendorf Dance and Pappara Dance.

Many adorable characters drawn by internet users have been dancing in the videos posted to YouTube and the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga (NND) since about 2008.


The original song is Caipirinha which is a Brazilian style music written by a German singer Carinho in 2005 (shown below, left).[1] The soundtrack actually used in this video series is a sped up version of this orginal song.

On the other hand, the dance is taken from Child President which is one of the 20th episode of the Japanese TV animation series of Azumanga Daioh, and it was first aired in 2002 (shown below, right).[2] The original scene is : Tomo is wagging her finger with one hand on her hip while chaffing Chiyo about she is childish.


The first instance of Caipirinha Dance is believed to have originated from a non-Japanese community, possibly 4chan. The earliest video found on YouTube was posted by a YouTube user scoutd6 in March 22nd, 2007.

Nico Nico Douga

This video have been already imported to NND in March 26th, 2007.[3] But derivatives didn’t start to be increased till February, 2008. After Caipirinha Dance became popular in there, this song was named Punchiki Payappa (ぷんちきぱやっぱーヾ(゚∀゚)ノ♪) that came from the misheard phrase in it.[4] Because of its quite convenient editing style, many derivatives were popping up continually.

In addition, Caramelldansen was already causing a big sensation in Japan in those days, and many NND users were joining to this meme’s bandwagon. Caipirinha Dance gained popular acceptance as one of a variations of that popular dance meme from them.

More than 500 videos have been posted to NND.[5]

Outside Japan

Derivatives outside Japan started appearing on YouTube around late 2008.[6] In addition to animated videos, some cosplayers have made videos imitating the dance at anime conventions.

Furthermore, many illustrations drawn by people outside Japan have been posted to deviantART.[7]

Reception in Japan

Caipirinha Dance had become to share the limelight with Caramelldansen in Japan around the middle of 2008. This song was included to a compilation album for the songs that have funny phonetic translations/misheard phrases produced by a Japanese record label EXIT TUNES in August 2008.[8] This was the first CD release for this song in Japan.

And, the maxi-single, also including several remixes of this song, was released in November 2008.[9]

Notable Examples

Left: Vocaloid[10] | Right: EarthBound[11]

Left: Stick Figure Animations | Right: Team Fortress 2


Simillar to deviantART, pixiv, a Japanese social network service for illustrators, also jumped into this meme’s bandwagon. many art works have been posted to there.[12]

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