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Calne Ca

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Calne Ca (Japanese: 骸音シーエ)[1] is a Vocaloid inspired character[2] officially recognized by Crypton Future Media.


Calne Ca was created by 3D CG artist and sculptor Kotaro Maeda (前田幸太郎) also known as Deino.[3] The first illustration to feature Calne Ca was uploaded to pixiv on March 15th, 2009[4] previewing a model Deino was working on for an upcoming music video.

The music video was uploaded to Deino’s Nico Nico Douga (NND) account on July 2nd, 2009 (shown below, left); it was for the song “Machine Muzik” by Ding Saya (鼎沙耶).[5] A day later a music video with only a few illustrations and some limited animation was released for “Corpse Attack!” by Utsu-P (鬱P) on Utsu-P’s NND channel (shown below, right).[6]

According to illustrations for explaining Calne Ca’s character settings which were later uploaded by Deino[7][8], she is essentially a robotic female skeleton named Calcium (シーエ)[9] cosplaying Hatsune Miku or sometimes other Vocaloid or Utauloid characters. She has interchangeable parts and her “skin” is a casing that’s as much a part of the cosplay as her clothing so her appearance can vary from skeletal, to cybernetic (her most common appearance), to insectoid, to human. She almost always has a stylized wharf roach named “Sodium Sulfite”, usually called by the nickname “Nato-kun” (ナトくん)[10], living on top of her head.

“Calne Ca” and “Calcium”


The scary form of Calne Ca has a weird presence and has gained a cult following in the Vocaloid fandom. The majority of the works were uploaded after the release of “Bacterial Contamination” (細菌汚染) music video on February 3rd, 2012.

“Bacterial Contamination” by Kanimiso-P (カニミソP) a.k.a. mathru[11]

There are more than 2,000 fan illustrations on the illustrator communities deviantART[12] and pixiv.[13] On NND, users have featured Calne Ca not only in Vocaloid music videos, but also in Miku Miku Dance (MMD) videos.[14] Those MMD videos utilize her character model released by Deino along with his friend Hinoi[15], which has been periodically updated.[16] Besides, she is of May 2013 the face of the Nightmare Fuel subsection of the Vocaloid entry on TV Tropes.[17]

Official Recognition

On January 21st, 2011 Sega announced that Calne Ca would be one of the characters featured in Project Diva Aracade skins.[18] For the sake of it, Deino struck a licensing deal for several versions of Calne Ca with Crypton Future Media, and Calne Ca became to join the official Vocaloid franchises. A similar licensing deal had previously been made with the creators of the fan characters Tako Luka, Akita Neru and Shiteyanyo.

An animation of Calne Ca was among the videos shown during a mural painting by Doppel as part of the Snow Miku for Sapporo 2011 event held on February 21st, 2011 (shown below, left).[19] The card “Broken Virus” for the virtual card game Alteil was included as part of a Hatsune Miku event held in October of 2011 (shown below, right).[20][21]

In late June of 2013 it was revealed Union Creative International Ltd. is planning to release a PVC figure of Calne Ca (along with one of Nurse Calcium).[24]

Notable Examples

Deino’s Further Works

Deino continued to periodically provide illustrations often featuring Calne Ca for various songs and album covers. The most regular series of collaborations seems to be with an amatuer composer called Sime-Saba Twisters (シメサバツイスターズ) creating the cover illustrations for several of his albums.

One additional fully animated music video featuring Calne Ca has been created by Deino:

“Nehanshika” (ネハンシカ) by Nehanshika-P

On June 26, 2013 the third volume of the Prisoner, Paperplane Boy Paradox (囚人紙飛行機 少年パラドックス) novel series by Shuujin-P (囚人P ) (based on said author and Vocaloid producer’s “Prisoner” series of songs) was released: it featured illustrations by Deino and a character based on Calne Ca.[25][26]


Left: Heart Sutra Remix Music Video[22] | Right: MMD Call of Duty Parody[23]



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