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This meme came from DeviantArt, a creepypasta about a cat that if you stare directly into it’s eyes, it will haunt you. There are no variations, however, there are lots of fake images. The meme was started by CreepyPastaJournal on DeviantART.

This is the original story:

It was 10:23 PM, March 4th. I heard something.. doing something… outside..
but I didn’t bother, all it sounded like was a raccoon moving around in the leaves. But I was wrong. I had continued watching my movie. Home alone, with my cat. At about 11:00 PM, my cat got of my lap and stood on the floor in alarm, looking around, as if something was there. at this time, I was a little creeped out, but not too bothered. This time, the noise was louder, as if closer to my house. I saw a black and red thing zip past my window.. a little more creeped out, but when I turned around, I saw that black and red “thing”.
It was the scariest freaking thing I had ever seen.
It was a black cat.. with no eyes.
It was just dark sockets… like a black void…
and I looked straight into them.
thats where I had made my mistake. I looked away to his bloody fur… extremely bloodstained. Like he had been beaten, or killed something. I backed away and blinked, and he was gone. It was just my cat sitting there now. normal little orange tabby. I shook my head as if I was dreaming, but knew I wasn’t. I kept seeing that little black cat, and to this day, I still do. He has tried to kill me.
– Creepypastajournal (source )

Followed by the original picture:

source ( )

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