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The CD-i,[1] or Compact Disc Interactive, is the name of an interactive multimedia CD player developed and marketed by Philips [2]. It was first announced in 1986, to be later released in 1991. Although a large amount of games has been released for the CD-i [3], several of these would gain a different popularity than Philips ever expected.


During the early 90s, video game & console company Nintendo [4] was facing increasing demand to adopt CD roms as their format for games instead of cartridges. Several CD consoles had emerged since the Super Nintendo using CDs as their selling point such as the 3DO, an Atari Jaguar CD add-on and even an add-on for the SNES’s greatest rival, the Sega Genesis. Nintendo then signed a contract with electronics manufacturer Sony [5] to make a CD based Peripheral for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System [6] , however Nintendo decided to cancel the contract as it gave Sony full rights to use all Nintendo franchises and basically gave Sony complete control of the system. Sony would eventually use its knowledge from the CD add-on to create the PlayStation One.

Soon after Sony announced this partnership Nintendo told the public that they had dropped their partnership to the surprise of Sony and had instead partnered with Phillips to make a CD based add-on for the SNES. However, witnessing of the failure of Sega’s CD add-on for the Sega Genesis and wanting to keep using cartridges, Nintendo wanted to cancel the project, however negotiations with Phillips eventually spun into Phillips making their own CD based console, the CD-i, with permission to make games exclusive to the CD-i based of Nintendo’s top two franchises, Mario and Zelda.

The CD-i was criticized for its high price point, graphics, controllers and low amount of good-quality games and is generally seen as one of the worst consoles of all time.

The Games

Early software releases for the CD-i were based heavily on educational, music, and self-improvement titles, only providing a handful of video games. Later attempts to develop a foothold in the games market were rendered irrelevant by the arrival of cheaper and more powerful consoles. Many games for it used the CD’s increased memory available to produce games that featured more cut-scenes then on other non CD consoles.

The more notable games of the system include the one Mario Game and 3 Zelda games that Phillips had rights to develop without any input from Nintendo. The Mario game and first 2 Zelda games are infamous for their terrible game play, plot, controls graphics and sound. Their notoriety is mostly derived from their cartoon cut-scenes which featured absurd dialog, choppy animation and overall terribleness which many use as remixes in Youtube Poops.

Notable Games

The Legend of Zelda CD-i

Link: The Faces of Evil [7] and Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon [8] were both released on October 10, 1993, two year after the CD-i’s launch in North America and two years after its European launch. Both were developed by game studio, Animation Magic [9], who had previously developed I.M. Meen [10] for MS DOS that used similar cartoon cutscenes and is also subject to parody. The games returned to the side scrolling game play of the second Zelda game, The Legend of Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and features many elements from previous Zelda games such as a tri-force, bombs and sword combat.

Hotel Mario

Hotel Mario is a 2D platformer developed by Philips Interactive Media and released in 1994. The gameplay features the protagonist Mario having to shut all the doors in a room to progress.

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The CD-I was indeed one of the most ridicolous consoles ever existed.
Its games either didn’t used all of the ressources or was using ridicolous videos (tbh the first PC CD-Games were not better though).

Totally meme-worthy, i agree to this one.


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