Clock Man

Clock Man

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The character “Clock Man” first originated on the Halo general discussion forum known as The Flood. The creator of the original thread, nicknamed Commander Santa, had seen an animated clip from the childen’s show Pinwheel (now Nickelodeon) when he was younger, which still haunts him after 28 years. He asked his fellow floodians to help him find the sourcee of the animated short so that he can face his childhood fears one final time.

So what is so special about Clock Man? The original poster of the thread describes the animation as following:

“This short animation was terrifying as a child. The scene is still burned into my mind (28 years later). It’s of a young boy sleeping in his bed. Above his bed is a ticking clock. All the lights in the room are off and it is very dark. Suddenly the clock begins to slow down it’s ticking and eventually it stops…on midnight. When the clock stops a Greenish/Bluish man climbs out of the clock. The boy wakes up just in time to see this man dressed in black grab him out of bed and kidnap him by carrying him through a window. The “Clock Man” takes the boy on some kind of terrifying adventure and brings him back to his bed before sunrise."

Many other adults who watched Pinwheel also remember this animated short, were also terrified of it, and almost all of them remember it being on Pinwheel around the same time. So far there is no documentation of this short to exist."

Also, the adults who watched Pinwheel remember being in a hypnotic state while watching Pinwheel.

The boy’s name could well be Benjamin (According to a post on /x/).

In the first 24 hours since the thread was first posted, it had received over 800 replies and already several suggestions to what the animated short could have been. The Clock Man has spread to many other forums such as:

-The Flood


-World of Warcraft TV forums


-Minecraft Forum

-Super Hero Hype

-Yahoo Answers

-Nation States

-Bioware Social Network

Recently, Commander Santa has asked several cartoon collectors and experts for help, even offering monetary compensation should they ever find it. Another member has even contacted several academic film universities such as:

-National Film and Televison School

-Vancouver Film School


-Arizona State



-Baden – Wuerttemberg Film Academy

It has shortly been speculated that the film was a non-american animation, featured instead of commercials as a one-time “filler” between the normal Pinwheel cartoons. Most agree though that the clip must have been released in the 70-80s. Some have it pointed out to be similar to the swedish children’s book Alfie, but the theory was quickly discarded.

Despite a lot of investigation, the illusive Clock Man still refuses to be seen.

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