Dead Celebrity Anagrams

Dead Celebrity Anagrams

Updated Sep 06, 2011 at 10:55AM EDT by Tomberry.

Added Sep 04, 2011 at 08:56PM EDT by Tom Rose.

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I’ve been playing this game in my head for years. The twist is that, most of the time, the anagram makes a commentary on the historical figure in question. Sometimes the focus is simply absurdity for humor’s sake, but generally I will try to compose an anagram which makes a wry observation of the subject. At least I hope so!

Now that the meme technology is so prevalent I decided to start a blog with daily entries. There is a Celebrity Anagram meme out there, but mine focuses on historical figures stretching all the way back to Pliny the Younger. The only requirement is the celebrity must be dead. There is no end in sight for the word play this meme inspires. If we ever run out of dead celebrities, then I guess I’ll have to retire it.

And this, folks, is how we try hard to force a meme for our own benefit!

History of a BUTTHURT misunderstood creator

Tom Rose joined KYM in the late 2009 to write an entry about his first attempt at a creation, Wi-fido. The entry was quickly spotted as self-promotion and taken down for its own good. Tom Rose, as a reaction, wrote a comment in the Spoonerism entry to declare how unreliable and insane the site was.
Of course, he wasn’t willing to acknowledge the fact that Spoonerism was, indeed, a meme, but absolutely not an Internet one, thing that KYM tries is best to focus on.

After one year and a half of remaining silent, Tom Rose came back in September 2011 to submit the same thing he did in 2009, but this time, as an Advice Dog Variant. The memegenerator link actually redirects to Tom Rose’s own site generator. Thing is, there are, in total, 3 pictures of it with no comments from visitors whatsoever.

Dead Celebrity Anagram: How to ruin what could have been a great Single-Topic-Blog

Tom Rose, not stopping in his online talent and creativity, had actually created another website about a trend he wanted to force in August 2011: historicanagrams.blogspot.

Now, let’s be fair: that blog accumulated a somewhat good amount of image macros featuring anagrams from dead celebrities between August and September 2011. However, signs that Tom Rose wanted too quickly his e-penis to grow soon occured:

  • Tom Rose created a memegenerator page as Historic – Anagrams. It contains a template and 2 images only.
  • Tom Rose featured one of his image to BuzzFeed on September 5 with only one reply from… you guessed it, Tom Rose himself.
  • He created this KYM article the same day, claiming it to be a genuine meme. By doing a simple google search, it becomes obvious that the few links talking about his so-called “meme” returns Tom Rose-made articles or images only

What about “Historic Anagrams” then?

Yeah, Tom Rose tried to trick us with the name of his website. It returns a little more results on Google. However, it would be pretty hard to fool us with it as, if one takes care to pay enough attention, here are what we get:

  • 2 other BuzzFeed links? Its must be big!… if only it wasn’t made by Tom Rose himself again:

Michael Jackson. No comments on it.

Top 10 list. Still no comments whatsoever.

→ Tom Rose, at one point, tried to astroturf his creation by posting links from his BuzzFeed post to some blogs and threads under different usernames such as TommyHollywood, or keeping his Tom Rose name, even going as far as saying my new meme!. Again, it didn’t gain any following (no comments from these attempts).

  • There is a Quickmeme entry featuring what Tom Rose made on his website. I don’t think I’m further from the truth if I say that it was made by Tom Rose himself again. I can give him the benefit of doubt on this one.

What did we learn from this?

  • We learn that, when a creator tries to force a meme and is red-handed, he comes back to insult the ones who found out about it without admitting to his tomfoolery.
  • A series of pictures isn’t a meme if their is no follow-up by people attracted by the concept and spreading it more.
  • If Tom Rose had tried to “advertise” more his blog to other websites (not only BuzzFeed but many hubs or places filled with photoshop enthiusiasts and image macro goers) without declaring it was a meme from the beginning, he could very well have successfully created a relatively funny and memetic Single-Topic-Blog.
  • Fortunately, when idiots jump the gun on their creation, meaning that what they wanted was to create a meme instead of simply create “something funny”, it’s easy to dismiss their useless effort to Internet culture.

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Top Comments

Silver Chariot
Silver Chariot

If you keep trying to get visitors on your blog, then why don’t you try the Just for Fun Forums?
There you won’t get insulted as heck, and maybe people will be more likely to accept and even like your work. If you make a meme entry for something like this, you’re telling us two things:
1) You are/may be an idiot.
2) You’re not confident of your work, since you need to advertise it through wrong methods.
What should you do instead of this kind of crappy actions? Share this link to your friends through mail, Twitter and Facebook. Go to chats and forums and talk about it, so they can talk about your development and how you could change it. You can even share them through Tumblr!
There are many ways you could have done it, but now that you have “forced” it, you technically screwed it.
Do you think people will take you seriously now? No, they won’t. In fact, since you have already tried to previously force another creation of yours as a meme, many users are not taking you seriously now!

In case you don’t care about this constructive (or deconstructive depending on how you look at it) criticism, all I can tell you is:

Sparkling Limeade
Sparkling Limeade

@Tom Rose: Know Your Meme is as the name says, a site of memes primarily to learn about memes. Memes can grow from many things and perhaps this could be a meme in the future but it is not. This article is like phoning Merriam-Webster and asking for the word you just invented to be put in the dictionary.

I’m sorry if some other commenters were hasty to condemn you, but you were also hasty in making this article with no idea what a meme is. Your impotent, ignorant, and inconsequential rage is humorous. Feel free to realize your mistake and become a better person for it or continue in failure at your leisure. Either way at least one of us will be happy.


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