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Dick Figures

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Dick Figures is a flash animated web series on YouTube licensed by Mondo Mini Shows, the creators of Happy Tree Friends, but created by Ed Skudder and Zack Keller about two characters, one red, one blue, and all the Internet memes as their world. This series has 4 seasons so far.

Mondo Media

Mondo Media or Mondo Mini Shows is an American company that produces animation targeted at teens and young adults. Mondo Mini Shows are distributed as an ad-supported, virtual animation channel via the Internet, podcasts and mobile. Mondo’s most successful show Happy Tree Friends gained a cult following and has been adapted into a TV series, home video line, mobile phenomenon, video game and line of merchandise.


The show has grown in popularity with each new episode. The very first episode, “A Bee or Something” caught viewers’ eyes the most. This episode reeled people in and got them addicted to the series wanting more and more episodes. This episode consists of Blue being dumped and Red’s voice becoming auto-tuned.

These are the most famous catchphrases of this video:

  • I’m free Motherf_cker!
  • Nature’s Ninja!
  • Yo Blue! I just found you a new girlfriend, and a girl for your girlfriend! And you can go home.
  • Then I feel bad for you, son.
  • I swallowed a bee or something, maybe a robot frog, I don’t know. But it sounds sick as f_ck!


There are 2 main protagonists that are in every episode: Red and Blue. Others that appear are: Trollz0r (Jason), Pink, Lord Tourettes, The Racoon, Stacy, Mr. Dingleberry, and so on.


There are currently numerous memes used and portrayed in this series. The character “Trollz0r” exhibits the most of them because his face is in fact a Rage Faces.

Other Memes used:
Stare Dad – is from a comic strip that features a young boy telling his father something with the last pane of the strip featuring the father staring at the son.
Scumbag Hat – associated with Scumbag Steve which infers that it is immoral, dishonest or shameless.
Aww Yeah! Guy – is a character found in web comics based on a drawing of complacent looking man leaning backwards and shouting “AAAWWW YYYEEAA”.

Y U So Meme?

In Y U So Meme? Red tracks down Trollz0r, a Flame War gamer who is forever kicking his and Blue’s ass. This is the 2nd episode showing more than one meme. This video is assumed by viewers as a Meme Overload. In which it indicates that multiple internet meme references have been made. It often refers to images and videos, but can also be seen as a subgenre of online remix culture largely driven by the hyperinflation of online media and in-jokes in general.

Also, if you pause at about 2:50 in the video you can see the impact the video, and the series altogether, had on the Reddit community.

Bath Rhymes

Bath Rhymes is an official music video made with animations from fans. It is also the season finale for Season 2. It was released on August 25, 2011 and was a competition on the best animation for the scene, though some parts of the song were made by the actual animators (Lynn Wang, Roque Ballesteros, Lyla Warren, Jason Sadler, Jeff Biancalana, Alan Lau, Brad Rau, Augest Wartenberg, Joanna Davidovich). The song mainly consists of Red and Blue singing about things they couldn’t actually accomplish in real life. It has some swears, sexual material, and etc.

Lord Tourette’s Scary Monsters (Skrillex Remix)

Lord Tourette’s Scary Monsters (Skrillex Remix) was heard at first at the end of the episode, “Kung Fu Winners”. It was just the instrumental piano version, though. It’s based off of Sonny Moore’s(Skrillex) popular song, “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites”. So, to make the song even better, the producers then created this full track:

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