Don't Obsess Over Me, I Am Only A Legend

Don't Obsess Over Me, I Am Only A Legend

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“Don’t Obsess Over Me, I Am Only a Legend” (Chinese: 不要迷恋哥,哥只是个传说; Pinyin: Bù yào mí liàn gē gē zhĭ shì gè chuán shuō) is a popular catchphrase stemming from an eccentric discussion thread posted on the Chinese MOP forums. The expression is mostly used in an ironic way: either to mock someone “trying to act cool,” or as a caption to “awkward” images. However, sometimes the phrase is used literally to describe a cool person, and has a correlation with Brother Sharp.


The original “Don’t obsess over me, I’m only a legend” thread was posted on March 25th, 2009, on the MOP forums.

Referring to himself as “big brother”--a common label carrying the connotation of playful narcissism or self-conceit, the OP goes on a rant about how people shouldn’t embrace his presence with open arms, as the big brother is a a legend to be admired and feared at the same time. The original post can be translated to:

[Note: “big brother” is reference to himself; grammar is very bad; message sounds very “cheesy”]

This world created the ‘big brother’ in order to for us to offer our respect and honour, and also to give us hope and a direction in our lives. With hope, life has meaning and worth. If, on the other hand, the presence of the big brother brings tragic effects, the big brother will be ill at ease with himself.

For our future and for the harmony of our family, let us not lose ourselves or adore or love him blindly. Only by proper understanding and and respect can we fulfill the beautiful sentiments that the big brother ushers in. We can, without inhibition, share the joy and transcendent feelings that come from our spiritual connection with him--like the realisation of a dream.

So do not obsess over the big brother. He is only a legend. He is no longer or perhaps was never part of this world, but the world still continues to work through him…

Confused by the ridiculous, “higher-than-thou” tone of his post, other forum users quickly reacted to the thread by mocking the OP with over 4900 tongue-in-cheek replies.


Google Trends for 哥只是个传说 (I Am Only a Legend) and 不要迷恋哥 (Don’t Obsess Over Me).

  • Another popular forum called End of the World contained several threads on the topic:

- One with 100+ replies (Mar 30, 2009)

- 50+ replies (Mar 30, 2009)

- 250+ replies (Dec 20, 2009)

  • Reference to the phrase on nddaily (October 28, 2009)


Text variations

There are many satirical versions of the phrase:


Don’t make fun of me, older sister will make you vomit blood.

Don’t obsess over me, little sister is only nineteen years old.

Don’t envy me, dad is only a myth.



Most video derivatives use the song, “Only a Legend” (哥只是个传说) by Chen Xu (陈旭).


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