Dottor Chi

Dottor Chi

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“Dottor Chi”, (Italian for ‘Doctor Who’) is the result of a prolonged series of threads on the Italian anonymous imageboard “Diochan”, where, in the early days of june 2013 a user suggested a certain similarity between some pictures of Jerry Calà (a second-rate Italian comedian from the 80s) and certain incarnations of the world-famous time traveling charachter ‘Dr. Who’ from the BBC science-fiction serial of the same name.

After a while a lively discussion ensued about ‘What if’, instead of the BBC, it would have been RAI (Italian Radio-Television) to create and produce a similar SF show with identical premises. Which actors would have been called along the decades to fill in the role, who would have played their ‘companions’ and ‘foes’, which screenwriters and directors would have helped the series flourish and so on.

After a while the “canon” settled on a series of eleven protagonists (from 1963 to 2013) spanning the same time lapse as the original British serial, each one charachterizing the ‘Doctor’ in an unique way with reference to the socio-cultural and political climate of Italy in the relevant years (for example ENZO JANNACCI, a singer-actor called to portray the Doctor in the late 70s, marked in Italy by political strife and terrorism, would have given a meek, moody and often undecisive rendition of the protagonist…).

Soon both visual and audio OC (original content) started to see the light along those lines, culminating in a “mockumentary” detailing the fictitious history and devlopment of this ‘fake’ TV serial.

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