Durarara!! Ending Parodies

Durarara!! Ending Parodies

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Durarara!! Ending Parodies (Japanese: デュラララ!!EDパロ) refer to a series of parody remix videos and fan art illustrations based on ending credit sequence for Durarara!!, the Japanese anime adaptation for the light novel series of the same name. The sequence became wildly popular among illustrators and cosplayers after the anime’s debut in 2010.


The anime adaption for Durarara!! was produced by animation studio Brain’s Base[1] and first aired in Japan on January 7th, 2010, where the series’ first ending theme “Trust Me” was sung by Japanese Hip-Hop/R&B artist Yuta Matsushita[2] for episodes 1 through 12. The most notable characteristic of the ending sequences is the posing of the characters, which is drawn serially in one long still illustration.


This ending sequence gained immediate praise among viewers, especially among amateur illustrators, and immediately began creating their own parodies just after it’s airing. One of the first instance of this series was posted to the Japanese video sharing service Nico Nico Douga on January 16th, 2010 (shown below). Titled “Inanana!”, the video features the characters from the Japanese video game/anime series Inazuma Eleven.[3]

Even after this, many users have been posting their videos and illustrations to Niconico[4] and the Japanese illustrators community pixiv.[5]

Outside Japan

Internet users from outside of Japan also taken an interest for the ending sequence. Over 1,200 videos have been posted onto YouTube[6], many being re-uploads from NND and some created by English-speaking users, though many of these uploads since had their audio muted or taken down due to copyright claims. Meanwhile, the art-sharing site deviantART has over 700 creations related to this series.[7]

Notable Examples


Left: Diglett from Pokémon | Right: Code Geass

Left: Hetalia Axis Powers | Right: Japanese Cosplayers


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