The Jitter-Jestre/Silver Fang Flame War

The Jitter-Jestre/Silver Fang Flame War

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The Jitter-Jestre/Silver Fang flame war began in Late January of 2014 between “Jitterbug Jive” and the “Ask Silver Fang” Tumblr blogs.


The early stages of this flame war began when the tumblr user “mrpytamid123” blog began spamming BaldDumboRat’s “Jitterbug Jive,” attempting to engage in role play, and trying gain free admission as an OC into the story of his blog, “Discord Whooves.”[1][2] Later, after being rebuked and blocked by Jitterbug Jive (Jitters to some), the other user chose a new alias, “Ask Silver Fang.” BaldDumbo then had blocked both blogs. Silver then began to then sexually harass his followers, friends and colleagues, as well as some (at the time) little-recognized artists, who came forward later. BaldDumbo saw this, and tried to ignore this at first, but then began to demand that he be taken down, as the abuse and harassment continued. A flame war soon began between the two blogs, spreading to BaldDumborat’s other blogs as well. Silver then started to sexually harass BaldDumborat (playing on the fact that he is an outspoken pre-op female to male transgender.)[3][4] BaldDumbo tried to remain calm about it. His followers started submitting poorly drawn versions of Silver Fang, making fun of the situation and the attempted OC insertion. Silver then began to steal his art work on his blog “Discord Whooves.” Silver denied this claim. When BaldDumbo requested that he remove this art, he refused. A friend of the Silver Fang blog (or equally possible, if not proven, himself under another alias), Silvia Ivory said that because he is requesting that the art be taken down, he is claiming ownership of the character. BaldDumboRat says that he owns the style, and that he owns the storyline, but not the character itself.[5][6][7] Soon after this, he made his own OC, a poorly drawn “Space Fang” to mock Silver’s.[8] Silver continued his harassment. Having enough with this, Jitters submitted a complaint letter to the Tumblr Admins, but their response was an “if it isn’t illegal, it doesn’t concern us” type situation. He says that Silver shouldn’t be allowed to sext and post NSFW content because he is underage.[9] Silver continued to harass him. A number of other blogs started to troll him and now began to troll Jestre deRama (BaldDumbo’s life partner and colleague.) These new blogs began to claim that Jestre and BaldDumbo were the same person (Despite a number of live-action videos and photos showing them both together and separate)[10] and that BaldDumbo may be Silver himself. Upon further examination of these blogs, you can see that they were made rather recently, and have little to no posts on them, so it is very likely that these blogs were made by the same person, though some also appear to be friends of Silver. Oddly, he had confessed at some time before the war took off, that he had no friends outside of Tumblr, however the post with this info was lost on the shut down of the “Ask-Silver-Fang” blog.

These blogs began making memes of him, though illogical when given context. BaldDumborat’s followers made memes of him, to mock Silver’s attempts.[11] In Late April, he and Jestre made a Livestream called “The ‘Silver is a Dumbass’ Livestream” to try and disprove the many rumors that these blogs put forward. One of the many blogs trolling him said that they did not want to watch this, because he “Doesn’t want to hang out with Assholes”, causing BaldDumbo to repost the comment adding “Asks for Proof, Refuses to See Proof, You are a voluntary blind dip-shit.”[12][13] Many of BaldDumborat’s followers supported him, but unfollowed him due to their Dashboards being filled. Of course, there were also those who no longer liked him. He appeared to be fine with this. His friends and colleagues supported him, but stayed out of this flame war as much as they could, not wanted to bombard too many of their followers with some of the content.[14] A few took the side of Silver, but soon switched sides again, having watched him dig holes he refused to pull himself out of, regardless of their attempts to help him.


As of April 26, 2014, the flame war has halted. BaldDumboRat stresses everyone who is contacted by Silver or anyone who is clearly him to quickly and immediately block and ignore.

BaldDumboRat has tagged each post with #silver fang for easy accessing, in the event others come across, or would like to research the events that occurred.

Balddumborat explained what happened in a tumblr post[15]

A new blog called “The Silver Archive” has started collecting posts from all members involved to further attempt a ban on this user.[16]


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