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Fuck Logic

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Fuck Logic” is an image macro series based on various photographs depicting impossible feats or scenarios along with a brief description that points out the logical unsoundness depicted in the said images. The source of the base images typically consist of stillshots from cartoons and animations, as well as controversial photographs that have been accused of manipulation or conspiracy hoaxes. The phrase is also used as a sarcastic response to another person’s statements or actions.


Although the captioned image series gained momentum through Spongebob Squarepants-related posts in the second half of 2011, the earliest mention of the phrase “Fuck Logic” can be found in Björk’s 1995 song “Sweet Intuition”[1]: “Fuck logic, fuck logic / bravo to instinct / and sweet intuition.”

Another anecdotal account suggests the phrase became associated with scientific impossibility after a forum discussion over the health effects of unshielded exposure to solar radiation in outer space. A YouTube video titled “Buzz Aldrin: Fuck Radiation” has been attributed to the phrase as well, although the video is no longer available.


According to Google search results[2] sorted by date, the phrase has been featured in a number of different contexts throughout the 2000s, most notably as a sarcastic rebuttal in a number of discussion threads on 4chan[3] and Sherdog[4] among others. Since being adopted by discussion forums and message boards, the expression has been also used to point out logical lapses or scientific impossibilities that are found in TV shows, cartoons and videogames, most notably the animated series Spongebob Squarepants and the Super Mario Bros. videogame franchise. The application of the phrase “Fuck Logic” in video games can be largely attributed to YouTuber chuggaaconroy[5], who used the phrase “Nintendo Logic” to describe quirky, physics-defying issues found in the Super Mario Sunshine series; for instance, a boat made of mud being able to float on lava.

Notable Examples

A Google Images search for “fuck logic” yields about 3,230,000 results, and SpongeBob Squarepants instances have surfaced on numerous internet humor communities like FunnyJunk[6], Reddit[7] and DamnLOL.[8]

Search Interest

Search Interest for the keyword “fuck logic” began to rise in late 2009 and continues to rise as of January 2012.

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