F.U.N. Song

F.U.N. Song

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The F.U.N. Song is a song from the Spongebob Squarepants Season 1 episode “F.U.N.”, where, after foiling Plankton’s attempt to steal yet another Krabby Patty, feels bad for him and decideds to become his friend to see if that would make him less evil. He sings the F.U.N. song as an alternative to an explaination to a funwise clueless Plankton because he draws a blank on the direct definition of “Fun”.

The original clip of the video is here:


Spongebob: It’s not about winning, it’s about fun!
Plankton: What’s that?
Spongebob: Fun is when you…fun is…it’ like…it’s kinda…sorta like a…
What is fun?? HERE…Let me spell it for you!

F is for Friends who do stuff together.
U is for You and me.
N is for Anywhere and anytime at all.

Sea Creatures:
Down here in the deep blue sea!

F is for Fire that burns down the whole town.
N is for No survivors when you’re-

Plankton! Those things aren’t what fun is all about!
Now, do it like this,
F is for Friends who do stuff to-

Never! That’s completely idiotic!

Here, Let me help you…
F is for friends who do stuff together.
U is for You and me, TRY IT!

N is for Anywhere and anytime at all.

Sea Creatures:
Down here in the deep blue sea!

Wait…I don’t understand …I feel all tingly inside…
Should we stop?

No! That’s how you’re supposed to feel!

Well I like it! Lets do it again!


Spongebob & Plankton:
F is for Frolic through all the flowers.
U is for Ukelele.
N is for Nose picking, chewing gum, and sand licking.
Here with my best buddy.

(Laughing part)

Sea Creatures:
Down in the deep blue sea.

Video Manipulation

The song is kept the same in most cases, with the video being manipulated, mostly to something outside of the Spongebob realm.

A video that uses a Spongebob manipulation:

Spongebob Fun song 1,659,000+ views

LOST version:

The F.U.N. Song 266,000+ views

Sonic X version:

Sonic Squarepants and Shadow Plankton- The F.U.N. Song 703,000+ views

Halo version:

Sponge Bob Fun Song 1,086,000+ views

IRL version:

Spongebob F.U.N. Song 144,000+ views

Final Fantasy VII Chibi version:

Final Fantasy VII Chibsters- The F.U.N. Song 54,000+ views

Lyrical Manipulation and Mature Humor

Sometimes, the audio is the thing that is messed with, though not as much as the video behind it.

Slowed Audio:

The F.U.N. song… slowed down! 222,000+ views

Unnessacarily Censored and Cropped:

Spongebob explains the F word for the children 445,000+ views

Noun Replacement/Mature Humor (This is heavily NSFW, and it dubbs the entire episode.):

Spongebob EDITED- the F word 228,000+ views

The song from the dubbed episode itself:

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