Getting Hit by a Truck

Getting Hit by a Truck

Updated Apr 19, 2011 at 07:32AM EDT by Brownd.

Added Apr 10, 2011 at 05:15PM EDT by Brownd.

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#gettinghitbyatruck is a Twitter tag created by canadian house music producer deadmau5.

About deadmau5

Joel Zimmerman, better known by his stage name deadmau5, is a progressive electro/house musician, known for his trademark “mouse head” which he wears on live shows.

deadmau5 on stage

He has great influence in the internet, having a close relation with his fans through Facebook and Twitter, and being publicly known as a hardcore Minecraft player, for which he is writing original music (the game’s creator, notch, even granted him his very own player model for the game, with his branded mau5 head).

Given his affection to internet memes, having songs such as “FML”, “Cthuhlu Sleeps”, and his own remix of Rebecca Black’s “Friday”, it is no surprise he’d be the cause of a new meme.


During the morning of April 10, 2011, deadmau5 twitted the following statement:

i wonder if theres any documented accident of a guy who got hit by a truck… but a truck that was carrying alot of pillows or soft stuff.

Many followers began replying about the irony of such situation. Some started making similar jokes with different objects being carried by the truck.

There were so many people twittering with deadmau5 about it that when he put the tag #gettinghitbyatruck it became one of the top trending topics in Twitter in less than an hour, with thousands of tweets using the tag.

deadmau5's reaction on Facebook


The normal structure for the meme is typing “#gettinghitbyatruck full of X would be Y”, with X being any kind of object, person, or situation and Y being an ironic pun about it. A lot of tweets (many by deadmau5 himself) involve crossovers with other memes.

Notable examples

(all of these tweeted by deadmau5)

  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of vaccum cleaners would suck.
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of lawyers would be fucking expensive.
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of pacifists probably wouldn’t hurt.
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of french robots would be daft.
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of scorpion would be toasty
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of suspense would be…
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of jersey would suck for shore.
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of cthulhu would be f’htagn!
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of /b/tards would be a cool story bro.
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of spartans would be madness.
  • #gettinghitbyatruck full of Rick Astley would never let me down.

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