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Gilgames-er GILGAMESH first made his debut in final fantasy V as a persistent, yet comical boss fight and/or villain who would combat the party, yet was generally heroic in his tendencies, going so far as to sacrifice himself in battle.
His most famous quote “Enough expository banter! now we fight like men! and ladies! and ladies who dress like men!” sealed his fame as the first villain to be a comical persistent yet seemingly incompetent presence in videogame culture, to the point that kefka succeeded him as an unexpected malicious villain.
His most famous moment in Final Fantasy V was when he sacrificed himself to save the party, shortly thereafter he made a reappearance in final fantasy viii, and then went on to make subsequent reappearances until he became the most famous character in final fantasy, so much so that he became the game’s mascot, having attacks that were a synonym for final fantasy such as “ultimate illusion” and being one of the most powerful characters in the series. as evidenced in the japanese title final fantasy type-0 when he was nuked at point blank and survived unscathed.
Soon after his first appearance, he began to receive a massive internet fanbase led by internet user MagiusNecros, called “the GILGAMESH ARMY” and due to this popularity, his power as a recurring boss increased as a nod to the legendary internet status he had begun to amass.

Gilgamesh has gained much fan art and multiple demotivational and motivational posters in celebration of his awesomeness. the all caps GILGAMESH meme was inspired by the character himself, and he ranks on par with Barbatos from tales of grace, and sephiroth from final fantasy in popularity. His popularity on the internet may even manage to net him his own spinoff game. or so the internet rumors go.

The gilgamesh army is most commonly found in the gamefaq’s message board, where magius necros is seen spamming the boards whenever his topic arises.

He originated in final fantasy V and began growing in popularity due to his recurring appearances, his popularity is made even greater due in part to the fact that his ridiculous behavior and appearance paints him as weak, when in reality he may be the strongest final fantasy character in the entire series. This, on top of his boss theme “clash on the big bridge” gave him a loyal internet following on par with sephiroth’s.

An internet movement, mostly confined to GameFAQs message boards, called the GILGAMESH army, often posts final fantasy related debates on the internet.The GILGAMESH army often debates all things gilgamesh, barbatos, or magnus and the board movement has gotten so large that moderators often attack the members of the GILGAMESH army by banning them. On youtube, Internet user MagiusNecros has posted hundreds upon hundreds of remixes of “clash on the big bridge” most of which are fan-made by people with varying levels of music talent. Clash on the big bridge is among the most remixed boss themes on the internet to date.

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