Gumball Eyes

Gumball Eyes

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On April 30 2009, SSMB member Psyguy found an
Ice Cream Pop shaped like Sonic.


The eyes were ridiculously placed in the middle
way away from Sonic’s eye sockets.

That made everyone ROFL and LMAO at the stupidness
which it was
It wasn’t long before everyone in the SSMB with minor editing skills were posting RETARDED and Hilarious pics of Sonic and others with oddly placed GUMBALL EYES!
It started to look like it was gonna be a bigass full blown MEME. I even started making Youtube videos about it.
which made a few others start making some too.
But then, all of a sudden, some kids started saying that the meme was getting TOO big, and stopped watching the topic.

I was NOT happy to hear this. I thought it had barely scratched the surface. There was still kids outside the SSMB who knew NOTHING of this EPIC meme.

me and the other guys didn’t want it to die. and the fact that the meme was getting rejected made us like it even MORE. Especially me.
SO. We started our own alliance! A fucked up team if you will. dedicated to the growth and popularity of the meme we have created.

we were


But as time went on, we started running out of ideas, and ended up just making dry and unfunny stuff. Suddenly even the lovers of the meme started to hate it.
Finally, thanks to the efforts of SSMB moderator
Flyboy Fox, the topic was finally locked

The Gumball Brigade, was finished.
Unjustly IMO


The easiest way is to simply make or find a Pic of Sonic,a sonic character,
mario, a youtube poop character, or misc.

Then, black out the charcter’s eyes (or eye equivelint)

Then, replace them with the gumballs from a pic of Sonic ice cream
(you can also use MSpaint to make gumball eyes but it looks less professional)

MAKE SURE that the eyes are NOT properly aligned and in the correct spot.

They MUST be away from or somewhat close to the eye sockets to replicate the look of
the ice cream bar.


The original gumball eyes youtube vid.

A parody of a Sonic Unleashed scene using the meme

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