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Heresy is a term used on the internet to describe a dislike of someone or a misdemeanor and is usually used in online conversations and has spawned many images as well.


The term heresy by definition refers to any belief or an action that goes against common beliefs and customs present in society. A heretic is a person who has been accused of heresy. The context of the term is usually used in relation to religion.[1] However, on the internet, the word is used as a general insult. This context of the word came from the 1987 tabletop miniature war-game Warhammer 40,000. In the game, humanity has come to worship “The Emperor of Mankind” (shown below) who led the Great Crusade to restore humanity to the stars, as a one true god. In the Emperor’s realm, the Church ruled over mankind.[2] Because of the leadership of the church, heresy became one of the worst possible crimes a person could commit along with blasphemy.[3]


The word heresy is regularly used around forums, blogs, and comment sections of the internet and is usually used along with images relating to Warhammer 40,000. Multiple sites using the term in relation to the game have been seen including Heresy Online[4] and an article on 1d4chan.[5]


Heresy is used to describe an Image, topic, fandom, or thread that is considered a perversion or falsehood in most boards on 4chan. On /b/ however, Furry and My Little Pony threads being equally offensive and even banable are usually the target of most heresy images and used to try and purge /b/ of the heretics.

Notable Examples

External References

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Kung Fu Cthulhu
Kung Fu Cthulhu

“Heresy is like a tree, its roots lie in the darkness whilst its leaves wave in the sun and to those who suspect nought, it has an attractive and pleasing appearance. Truly, you can prune away its branches, or even cut the tree to the ground, but it will grow up again ever the stronger and ever more comely. Yet all awhile the root grows thick and black, gnawing at the bitter soil, drawing its nourishment from the darkness, and growing even greater and more deeply entrenched.

Such is the nature of heresy, and this is why it is so hard to destroy, for it must be eradicated leaf, branch, trunk and root. It must be exorcised utterly or it will return all the stronger, time and time again, until it is too great to destroy. Then we are doomed."

- Galan Noirgrim, Master of the Ordo Malleus.


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