Inglip Enemies

Inglip Enemies

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When any Inglip comic gains 100 or more points on Reddit, it is considered to be canon and is added to the Inglipnomiocon Wiki. This gives the meme a more complex narrative than most other memes and has led to the creation of a complete fantasy world, known as the land of “Trathira”, or “The Inglipverse.” Inevitably, a great number of other “captcha gods” were introduced to this setting, all of which played the part of Inglip’s antagonists.

The Rival Captcha Gods

But who were these antagonistic deities? Here is a list of the most prominent examples-

Daniss- originating in the comic “Fallen Angel”, submitted to on the 10th of January 2011, Daniss was the first of Inglip’s antagonists, but never gained much of a following or any notoriety. A reddit user did create a Daniss subreddit, but only in order to prevent others from doing so. Thus, the sub remained inactive.

Shaskel- originating in the comic “Inglip’s Enemy”, submitted to /r/Inglip on the 11th of January 2011, Shaskel was one Inglip’s first antagonists, but she has only gained her own subreddit recently.

She plots to bring about the apocalypse and speaks through the Captcha from the Wikipedia account creation page, and her symbol is the “Hresive”, an S struck through with a curved dagger. Her followers call themselves “Charmtones” and wear blue robes, which they took from the dead bodies of the Xadyind (see below). Little is known about the followers of Shaskel other than that they attack their enemies with deception, trickery, invisibility and bricks.

Chydrego- originating in the comic “Chydrego Summoned”, submitted to /r/Inglip on 25th of January 2011, Chydrego was one of the first Captcha gods to gain his own distinct following and his own subreddit.

Chydrego was a holier-than-thou god of light who spoke through the googlemail captcha. His holy symbol was the “Chandicap” (a disabled sign), his religeon was known as “Yadvah” and his followers were called “Yadvans”. They converted followers by using the magical word “slasessa”, wore white and blue outfits and were armed with swords and shields. His captcha recently ceased to exist.

Oxallo- originating in the comic “The tragic fairytale of Hevality the Faithless, part -36…eh, end.”, submitted to /r/Inglip on the 13th of March 2011, Oxallo was the creation of reddit user Prodlly, a self proclaimed troll who openly declared Oxallo to be a forced meme. Indeed, Prodlly’s attempts to force the meme were successful, probably due to the fact that he remains the most active user in the history of the Inglip subreddit.

Oxallo was a god of trickery and deception who spoke through a math-based captcha and was thus completely incomprehensible. His symbol was the Quantum Bit and His followers (called “Oxalates”) wore lime green robes and were armed only with slide-rules. Oxallo perished in The Great Battle of Trathira (see below).

Leanex- originating in the comic “HERESY”, submitted to /r/Inglip on the 15th of April 2011, Leanex was one of the more popular captcha gods.

Leanex, the great Leviathan, was a god of piracy and his symbol, the “Ieereve”, appeared as Ωs. His followers (the “Xadyind”) wore blue robes and pirate hats and carried a number of pirate weapons. Leanex perished in The Great Battle of Trathira (see below).

Inglex- originating in the comic “A brother appears”, submitted to /r/Inglip on the 17th of April 2011, Inglex was notibly the only captcha god who was introduced not as an enemy of Inglip, but as his brother.

In a followup comic, Inglex was revealed to be walking the mortal plane in the human form of Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice man.

Conohned- originating in the comic “The New Enemy”, submitted to /r/Inglip on the 24th of May 2011, Conohned was the only captcha god to gain two subreddits.

Conohned, the Death Angel, was said to be an ancient enemy of Inglip. His symbol was the Hemamp and appeared to be a small scribble. His followers were known as “Cestalts”, wore grey robes, and resided in space. Conohned perished in The Great Battle of Trathira (see below).

Meme Status

One could regard these rival gods as parts of the Inglip meme, since they closely resemble it in format, are often posted to the Inglip subreddit and all occupy the same universe as Inglip and his followers. However, several important differences stand out. All of the Captcha Gods mentioned above have their own separate subreddits, some of which gained many subscribers (/r/Leanex still has over 100 subscribers, while /r/Chydrego still has over 200) and some of these subreddits follow different rules to /r/Inglip- for example, comics posted to /r/Leanex were said to be canon if they received seven or more votes, since it would have been difficult for any submission on such a small subreddit to receive 100 or more votes.

In addition, the various captcha god comics differ in format. Inglip comics always depict one of Inglip’s followers (a Gropaga) talking to Inglip, who speaks through a red-framed recaptcha, but the other captcha gods (with the exception of Daniss) are shown to speak through other captchas. Shaskel is shown speaking through the Wikipedia account creation page, Chydrego is shown speaking through the Googlemail captcha, Oxallo speaks only through a captcha which asks math problems, etc.

One might also note that the rival gods each have their own symbol and associated colour and are shown to have very different followers to those of Inglip. For example, Inglip’s followers (called Gropagas) are shown dressed in red robes, carrying falchions or tridents, while Leanex’s followers (the Xadyind) were depicted as blue-robed pirates.

Community Reaction

On the 14th of May 2011, the comic “Syp vs. Spy vs. Spy”, a comic involving four captcha gods, was submitted to /r/Inglip and gained more than 100 points. At this point, many users began to feel that the Inglip meme had become too complicated and began to leave.

On the 13th of June 2011, a self-post was posted to /r/Inglip, titled “Are the Different Factions Causing Problems?” It was decided that the different factions were indeed causing problems and so yet another subreddit, /r/Trathira, was created for the purpose of comics featuring two or more captcha gods. This proved to be an unpopular solution, however, since /r/Inglip had no active moderators at that time and thus a link to /r/Trathira could not be placed in /r/Inglip’s sidebar. Since the subreddit recieved almost no attention, users who enjoyed making comics about the other captcha gods were annoyed that they were being ignored and soon began to post their comics to /r/Inglip once more.

Eventually, on the 2nd of October 2011, more drastic measures were taken. The comic “The Great Battle of Trathira” was posted to /r/Inglip. It told of the deaths of Daniss, Leanex, Conohned and Oxallo and stated that Inglex had lost his power. The comic failed to gain 100 points, but was soon followed by a self-post from another member, which pointed out that if “The Great Battle of Trathira” gained enough points, it would be canon and the only Captcha Gods left would be Inglip, Chydrego and Shaskel. The self-post gained over 100 points and it was decided that the battle was canon.

But the death of gods did not end there. On the 10th of March, 2012, the comic “Victory, Gropagas!” was posted to /r/Inglip, pointing out that Chydrego’s captcha, the Googlemail captcha, had been replaced with an Inglip-style recaptcha. This was taken as a sign that Chydrego is now dead, or at least powerless, meaning that, as of now, Inglip and Shaskel are the only notable Captcha gods left.

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