K.S. Field (李氏力場)

K.S. Field (李氏力場)

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K.S. Field (Chinese: 李氏力場), a.k.a 力場, Li’s Field, Li’s Force and Li-field, is a kuso that wide spread in the internet society in Hong Kong. Internet users fabricated that the richest man in Hong Kong, Li Ka-shing (called as “Li” below) invented a field that can stop typhoons from hitting Hong Kong. Owning that field, he can prevent suspension of schools and works by reducing the number of typhoon that was going to hit Hong Kong in the recent years. Most important of all, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange is going to keep working and keep earning money for Li.


In Hong Kong, when typhoon signal no. 8 or a higher signal is hoisted, all schools and work will be suspended ( the typhoon signal system in Hong Kong). However, no matter how strong the wind and how heavy the rain was, typhoon signal no. 8 were never being hoisted during August 2004 to July 2007. While the citizens are starting to complain about the Hong Kong Observatory (called as HKO below) not protecting the citizens in time, a scholar from a university spoke in a news report on television, that “Hong Kong loses 400 million dollars (HKD) every time a typhoon hits it. Who is going to bare the responsibility for the 400 million?” Then somebody searched on the internet and found that Hong Kong Observatory was attached the former Economic Development and Labor Bureau (called as “EDLB” below) of the Hong Kong government. People started to mock about HKO’s decision are leaning to the commercial circles in the society for earning money, meanwhile ignoring the safety of the citizens. At last, the rage was shot to the biggest boss in Hong Kong, Li (he owns many companies that provide basic living services). Therefore people derived K.S. Field from A.T. Field (Absolute Terror Field, which appears in Japanese anime EVA).

”Theory” of the field

Basically, it works with the extra gravity produced by the field, which initiate a series of bizarre phenomenon. Those phenomenon usually make the HKO can’t hoist typhoon signal no. 8, higher typhoon signal, red rainstorm signal or black rainstorm signal (rainstorm warning system of Hong Kong).

Those bizarre phenomenon mainly are:

•A typhoon, which is predicted as directly hitting Hong Kong, changes its route and leaves Hong Kong because of the sudden appearance of extra gravity.

•When the HKO decided to hoist typhoon signal no. 8 or higher, red or black rainstorm signal with reference of the current weather situation, the extra gravity will appear. As human bodies can’t bear too much gravity, the scientific officers of HKO can only set aside the original plan, in order to make the extra gravity disappear.

Penises Betting

Every time when a typhoon is coming towards Hong Kong, some of hkgolden’s (a forum that’s similar to 4chan) member would use their penises as a wager and make a bet of whether HKO is going to hoist a higher typhoon signal. That means, in a specific circumstance, they have to be castrated. For example, some will make a post like “If typhoon signal no. 8 is hoisted tonight, I’ll be castrated.” However, this entire “culture” is just a joke. No one had been castrated because of the typhoon signal IRL.


In October 2010, Super Typhoon Megi was moving towards Hong Kong. As it was called “the strongest typhoon in the century”, many of the population in Hong Kong suddenly concerned about the typhoon so much. Workers started to wait for the extra holiday and kids and teenagers was excited to see how would the apocalypse look like. Eventually, the kuso spread widely.

This graph shows K.S. Field (李氏力場, blue line) went popular while Typhoon Megi(鮎魚, Chinese name of Megi, red line) went popular. There’s also a facebook page opened just for the field, which had around 41 thousand members.

Notable examples of K.S. Field activated

Typhoon Lekima and Typhoon Rosa

In early October, 2007, the indexes in the stock market kept rising, so K.S. Field was really strong. Typhoon Lekima just passed the 600km area of Hong Kong. Plus, there was the monsoon affecting the weather, the gust was blown at a speed of 60km/hr, which matches with the criteria of hoisting typhoon signal no. 8. However, HKO hadn’t even hoisted the typhoon signal no. 1, making the internet users questioning. Few days later, Super Typhoon Rosa also just passed the edge of the 800km area of Hong Kong (the 1st line of defense of the K.S. Field). Its route has traces of being flicked by the field.

This shows that the K.S. Field is closely related to the stock market.

Typhoon Parma

On October 2, 2008, the predicted route of Typhoon Parma was bizarre.

Some of the internet users thought that it was the power of K.S. Field which cause that.

Typhoon Lionrock

In Fall August 2010, Typhoon Lionrock made a U-turn in Hong Kong’s “doorstep” and passed Hong Kong’s “backyard”.

Internet users were amazed by the power of the field.

Super Typhoon Megi

On Tuesday, October 19, 2010, the strongest typhoon in the century, Super Typhoon Megi entered the Southern Sea. While meteorological departments in different places also predicted that there will be a great chance of the typhoon striking Hong Kong, the typhoon just suddenly reduced its moving speed dramatically.The Joint Typhoon Warning Center and the HKO also predicted that Megi is going to strike Hong Kong.

HKO predicted that the typhoon will be at the closest position of Hong Kong on Saturday, October 23. Because of that, many workers had lost a holiday. Internet users blamed K.S. Field for making Megi reduced its moving speed, causing it missing the Friday to hit Hong Kong.

Until the evening of October 22, 2010, Megi was affected by the monsoon from the north and changed its route. It changed the heading to NNE and moved towards mainland China, instead of Hong Kong. Internet users suggested that K.S. Field had already “blocked” Megi successfully.

However, after Megi entered Hong Kong’s 800km range, it was obviously affected by the field. It was said that the field was activating and it needs time, it only showed its half of full power while not totally activated. It changed its route a several times and moved along the 400km range(the edge of the 2nd defense lind of the field). at last, stroke the mainland.

On October 23, Ming Pao explained the forming of the K.S. Field by using pictures, being the most scientific evidence of the field in the recent years.

Typhoon Haitang

On September 26 2011, Haitang made a 90-degree-turn in the South China Sea and ended up striking Vietnam.

Examples of K.S. Field inactivated

Typhoon Pabuk

On August 9, 2009, Typhoon Pabuk passed the south of Hong Kong closely, HKO just hoisted typhoon signal no. 3. On August 10, Pabuk acted like a boomerang and became stronger, moving to the west of Hong Kong.

HKO hoisted typhoon signal no. 8 at 2:30pm that day. Some internet users pointed out that the K.S. Field has collapsed. Another opinion pointed out that the Hang Seng Index was falling severely. Some internet users suspect that Li pulled Pabuk back in order to suspend the exchange occurring in the stock market, so that the Index would stop falling.

Typhoon Nesat

On September 27 2011, Nesat struck Philippines and caused severe damage. According to forecasts on that day, it was told that Nesat will go directly to Hainan, and the closest distance between Hong Kong and Nesat will not be closer than 400km. However, Nesat changed its route a bit and entered the 400km zone of Hong Kong. Typhoon Signal No. 8 was hoisted on September 29 2011, causing an extra holiday for everyone. Because of the changed route, many hkgolden users lose the penis bet[2]. In fact, it made a record of members losing the bet for one single typhoon. hkgolden users guessed that the Field failed to reload its power in a short period of time after blocking Typhoon Haitang 3 days ago. This is also the first time of the field failed to block a typhoon since 2009.

Hypothesis of the field moved to the north

Some internet users believe that the field moved to the north while Li went to watch the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. The field blocked the sandstorm for Beijing, so that Hong Kong will be hit by the typhoons. Meanwhile, Beijing had a rare wonderful weather.

Scientific Evidence of the field

After Typhoon Pabuk swept Hong Kong, some members of hkgolden found something on the website of World Meteorological Organization – Severe Weather Information Center and HKO. The information showed that Meteorological Satellite FY-2C captured an infra-red image of a big black spot at the sea off Hong Kong (20 degrees north latitude, 115 degrees east longitude).

Meanwhile, Typhoon Sepat had formed on Pacific Ocean not long ago. Some opinion said that K.S. Field was activated, in order to resist Sepat, which was moving towards Hong Kong. Adding up with different aspects, they formed the strongest scientific evidence which shows that K.S. Field actually exists. Another opinion pointed out that it was the El Niño-Southern Oscillation affecting the field and made it flick the typhoons away easily.

Derivative Works

Li’s Prayer

In fall 2010, the Li’s Prayer (Kuso’d from the Lord’s Prayer of Christianity) has appeared on the internet.

Our Superman in Central, hallowed be your name Lee,your kingdom come,your will be done, in Hong Kong as in Cheung Kong (Holdings) Limited. Give us today our daily bread via Parkn Shop. Waive Cheung Kong the taxes, as the SAR Government forget all well-being of the poor. Save us from Typhoons and Black Rainstrom Signal, and deliver us to our workplaces. For the housing, the electrical power, and the transport are yours now and for ever. Amen.

Media Reports

Being a Kuso News of “Metro Daily in 18 years later”

K.S. Field shot accurately Typhoon signal system abolished

K.S. Field, which Li sponsored 30 billion dollar into it, had an ideal result after the one-year test. Chan Yik-hei said that the Typhoon Signal System will be abolished starting from this year.

HKO held a press conference yesterday, issuing the annual report of the previous year. Director of HKO, Chan Yik-hei said that after 3 years of research, the so called “K.S. Field” Typhoon Shielding System finally being tested last year, and had a perfect result. “Referring to the route of the typhoons, there were 12 typhoons which was having a big possibility of entering Hong Kong’s 800km range. However, under the operating field, all typhoons were blocked by the field. SUPER!”

Chan said that the field’s performance is stable and the effectiveness has been witnessed by the population. Therefore the Typhoon Signal System had finished its historical mission of nearly 150 and be abolished since this year, disappearing in Hongkongers’ life. He added that there was a Super Typhoon Mr Duck, which center wind speed had reached 300km/hr, was moving to Hong Kong. However, the typhoon was weekened when it touched the edge of the field, right after the field was operated. It changed its route and went towards the other regions. This can prove the field’s effectiveness.

Chan believe that the use of the K.S. Field can make Hong Kong avoid having its economical activities affected because a typhoon hit Hong Kong, then the general productivity will increase. He also said that although the disappear of typhoon in Hong Kong will reduce precipitation, artificial rainfall can make up the indirect weather defects caused by the field.

Li, being sponsor of the field, he was happy to see the great performance of the field. “Now it’s good that the field can help Hong Kong. From now on everybody can work in full effort and don’t have to worry if there’s a typhoon coming, making you can’t go to work. I wanted to do this project 30 years ago, now I just used 30 billion dollars to finish it. This is worth the cost and I’m willing to pay for the field!” (Mr Carpenter)

Respond of HKO

In October 2010, when Strong Typhoon Megi was close to Hong Kong, HKO was being questioned for not hoisting typhoon signal no. 1. Someone has pointed out that it’s because of economic considerations. Director of HKO, Lee Boon-ying responded to AM730 (a free newspaper in Hong Kong). He said when hoisting typhoon signals, safety of citizens must be the most important consideration. He also stressed that the decision would not be affected by any economic or commercial activitiy.

During the interview, Lee responded to the kuso of K.S. Field, stating that he don’t want to comment on that. However, adding that they can’t change the weather circumstances just because of the power of a person. He also said that weather circumstances would only be supported by data and scientific theory.


On March 18, 2013, the Hong Kong Observatory announced that it will stop using the wind speed measuring station in the Hong Kong Wetland Park since the newly built residential buildings around the caused wall effect and the measurements there will no longer be accurate. A news report on Apple Daily’s website[3] described this as a solid IRL confirmation of the field as Li’s a property market tycoon.

Other usage

After the wide spread of the kuso, people started to apply it on different aspects. For example, the missile from North Korea and the dying birds all around the world. For the missile case, people suggested South Korea to buy the K.S. Field technology in order to block the missiles. Internet users also blamed the field making all the birds fell to the ground because of crashing on the field accidentally.


[1]EVCHK wikia – 李氏力場

[2]hkgolden – [挑戰李生] 今次納沙可以掛到8號我切J

[3]Apple Daily – 李氏力場鐵證 濕地公園測風失靈

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