Le Teacup man

Le Teacup man

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‘Le Teacup Man’ is an internet meme featuring famous American-Jewish comedian Jerry Seinfield balancing a teacup on his head with a silly look on his face


Le Teacup man was conceived in the year 2014 in early January. It is unknown the exact hour that the teacup man unleashed his ‘epic memeage’ upon the world, but many have concluded that it must have arrived shortly after the release of numerous photos of Jerry Seinfield on the guardian website: http://www.theguardian.com/culture/2014/jan/05/jerry-seinfeld-funny-sex-swearing-sitcom-comedy
It is said that one man on skype began sending a link to the photo to his steam/skype friends typically remarking “le teacup man” and “new meme”. After sending it a good dozen times in the style of rickroll his friends had cottoned on to his duplicious ways. To counteract this, this man began disguising the link with url shorterners such as http://goo.gl/ https://bitly.com/ and even http://www.shadyurl.com/. Progressively this meme became a household name annd many people view it daily to get their ‘lolz’


Le Teacup Man is now an international meme; well known across many nations such as Djibouti, Indonesia, Kosovo, Papua New Guinea, Bhutan, Democratic Republic of Central Africa, Bermuda and Kurdistan. However there are no edits or variations of the image known because it is such a good meme on it’s own it needs no improvement.

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