Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing

Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing

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Luigi Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing is a meme that originates from videos on YouTube, in which Luigi beating different mini-games from the Nintendo series Mario Party[1], a spin-off of the Super Mario franchise. To Interpret this meme, it requires the the player to be Luigi and the rest of the CPU’s to be set to easy on any Mario Party game on any Nintendo console. At the end of a mini-game, (if done correctly) Luigi will win by just standing still and doing nothing, even if the mini-game requires movement.


Mario Party 2[2], was a game that was first released on the Nintendo 64[3] in North America on January 24th, 2000 and is the sequel to the original game[4] released on the same console in 1999. The game is set out like a board game, with players taking it in turns to move round the board and collect stars. After everyone has had 1 go, A random mini-game is selected with the winner receiving a coin bonus. It was these mini-games, that are used in the original video.

The original video was uploaded to YouTube by KlydeStorm[4] on October 11th, 2009. The video shows Luigi facing 3 CPUs of Mario, Peach and Wario, all set to easy, while Luigi just stands there while the CPU’s defeat themselves.


The video received generally positive feedback, and soon appeared on sites like Memebase[5], Kotaku[6] and FunnyJunk.[7] It soon led others to make their own versions, using different other games that feature Luigi, such as the rest of the Mario party series and Super Smash Bros, while others used games with characters other than Luigi.

Various Examples

Search Interest

As shown, Search Interest started at around the same time that the Mario Party 9 version was added to YouTube in 2012.

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