Max Berliner

Max Berliner

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Where did this meme come from?

In 2009, appears a TV advertisement of “Reumosan”, a medical product to fight reuma (an old person’s common condition), protagonized by Max Berliner (a 90 years old actor in very good shape), showing his optimal physical conditions doing some exercises like up and down from stairs, and running around.

In May 5th of 2009, the advertising’s video was uploaded to Youtube. The repercussion made famous again to this actor.

Reumosan 1st advertisement in Youtube »

In August 17th of 2009, another advertisement from the same brand, also starred by Max Berliner, was uploaded to Youtube.

Reumosan 2nd advertisement in Youtube »

In november of 2009, Max Berliner was interviewed in a famous news channel from Argentina. The interview was later uploaded to Youtube. Here are the links:
Interview, part 1

Interview, part 2

Interview, part 3

Later, a Facebook group was created, and continues being updated by fans:

Max Berliner Facebook Group »

Months later, the things comes back to normal. Until the night of May 4th of 2010, night of the “Martín Fierro Awards”, an award ceremony to the people behind the argentinian television.
Every advertising cut of the TV broadcasting of that event, shows the Max Berliner advertisement again.

The effect was inmediate. The people than was seeing the awards began to leave messages in Twitter about Max Berliner, including the TV stars that was in the awards (in Argentina, Twitter is popular between TV stars and producers). The messages about Max Berliner give him “amazing powers”, including facts like “He turn it on the LHC that God use to make the Big bang”, “he fixes the maya calendar” and “He kicks the Chuck Norris’ ass”

Suddenly, the hashtag #maxberliner appears, in the same shape and use that the hashtag #chucknorris.

From that moment, people mentions Max Berliner in their messages all across the social media, and continues revealing new “facts” about him and his unbelievable acts. The people usually compared him to God or, even better, Chuck Norris. That’s the reason that they call it “the argentinian Chuck Norris”.

The next day, the site “Bloc De Periodista” ( publishes a virtual book recopilating all tweets at that moment with the #maxberliner hashtag. Here is the link to that publication:

#maxberliner Tweets Recopilation »

In May 6th, the website (the online version of a famous newspaper in Argentina) uploaded to Youtube an interview with Max Berliner itself, talking about the Internet phenomenon. Max Berliner shows very glad of the humoristic messages about him. He receives a printed copy of the virtual book about him. Here is the link to the video:

Interview with »

Here are the Google Insight for “Max Berliner” searches (thanks to the user “Morainium” for the suggestion):

In May 13th, Max Berliner was invited to the TV show “Un Mundo Perfecto”, where the producers creates an account for him, @soyberliner, with the hope that Max Berliner himself tweets, live on TV. The first tweet from @soyberliner was send from there. Here is the video:

Max Berliner’s first tweet »

Aprox. 9 hours from the creation of that Twitter account, @soyberliner has more than 1,200 followers.

What variations exist?

The #maxberliner phenomenon have its roots in the internationally famous meme “Chuck Norris Facts”. If you don’t know it (I mean, if you are an alien from outer space and them build you yesterday), check this link right now:

Chuck Norris Facts in »

Before the Twitter explotation, in the year 2008, exists the “Teto Medina facts” (by the way, Enrique “Teto” Medina was a very popular argentinian TV star in the 90’s). In the same shape that Chuck Norris facts, this new facts was submitted by the users and listed in the site

The next year, the site was closed down for unknown reasons (maybe lack of popularity) and the facts was later recicled in e-mail forwardings, but this time the facts was adjudicated to a new person (a conceptual one) named “El Groso” (that is spanish for “The Great One”).

In 2010, “El Groso” make its debut in Twitter in the shape of a hashtag, #elgrosso, and his facts was recopiled in many sites, including this:

#Elgrosso Recopilation in »

Suddenly, in May of 2010, #elgrosso fades away and #maxberliner takes his place.

Which spoofs, mutations and tributes exists?

In August of 2009, the Max Berliner’s Reumosan advertisement was spoofed in the TV show “Showmatch”. The spoof was called “Artrosisan” and was protagonized by a fake Max Berliner, this time supposedly 80 years older. The video was uploaded to Youtube in August 3th of that year.

Artrosisan (Reumosan Spoof) »

Later in that month, another spoof was realized in the same TV show, this time with the presence of Max Berliner representing himself. The video was uploaded to Youtube in August 28th.

Artrosisan (Reumosan Spoof) 2 »

In November of 2009, a third parody from the same TV show appears in Youtube.

Artrosisan (Reumosan Spoof) 3 »

Another amateurs spoofs was appeared in Youtube, miming his dance steps from the second advertisement, like this:

Reumosan’s Max Berliner Dance spoof »

…and another than re-enactment a Max Berliner being saved by a superhero called “Super Morlako”.

Super Morlako – Max Berliner »

In December 8th of 2009, a creepy remix of the 1st advertisement of Reumosan starred by Max Berliner and created by Mariano Legname, combined with a tool of “live generators”, was uploaded to Youtube:

Creepy Reumosan Advertisement Remix »

In April 12th, another video remix by the same author was uploaded, this time trying another effects:

“18 Orpi Reumosan Advertisement Remix” »":"

In May 13th of 2010, a misterious Twitter user named “@Artistamax” sends a DM to the “Bloc De Periodista” Staff (, with a misterious song. The user @Artistamax misteriously disappears from Twitter hours later. The staff of the site discover that the song was a “Max Berliner Hymn”, a remade of Aurora, a patriotic song from Argentina, but with the lyrics changed.

Max Berliner Hymn in Blog de »

Max Berliner Hymn in Divshare »

These are the lyrics of the song:

“Es Max Berliner / ”It’s Max Berliner
subiendo la escalera / climbing up the stairs
audaz se eleva / Bold he raises
gracias al Reumosan / Thanks to Reumosan
Carlos Belloso / Carlos Belloso
lo empomó en ‘Tumberos’ / Have sex with him in ‘Tumberos’
Y los twitteños / And the twitteans
usan su avatar / uses his avatar

Nació en Polonia / He born in Polonia
Y ahora vive acá / And now he lives here
Hizo Highlander / He acts in ‘Highlander’
Trabajó con Balá / He works with Bala
No es sólo un hashtag / He isn’t just a hashtag
es un sentimiento / It’s a feeling
es el abuelo / It’s the grandpa
del mundo virtual / of the virtual world

Es Max Berliner / It’s Max Berliner
rey de la Argentina / king of Argentina
en él yo creo /In him I trust
y en él cree Dios / And God believes in him
y a Max Berliner / and to Max Berliner
Twitter de Argentina / Twitter of Argentina
Hoy lo proclama / proclaims him
nuestro protector" / our protector"

In May of 2010, the Twitter user @amoreyra share in his account a series of eight images based in “Where is Waldo?”, but with Max Berliner as the hidden person to looking for in the picture.
Later, he attach all the images to a post of his own in Taringa (a very popular spanish web).
Here’s is the link to that post:

""Where is Max? post in Taringa

In the same month, Max Berliner was interviewed by Maxim TV:

Max Berliner Maxim TV Interview

In June of 2010, Max Berliner was interviewed by Clarín, the most sold newspaper in Argentina:

Max Berliner interviewed by Clarí

Why is it notable?

It’s remarkable that the tech generation dominant in all the social media are capable to admire a 90 years old man with antiquated (and very effectives, aparently) ways and advices about health. It’s remarkable, also, that a man from that age was in good shape, and was capable to do certain exercises that are exigent with the people of his age.
Also, Max Berliner was one of the oldest men in the world that owns a Twitter account.

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