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Gimme More

The counterpoint to “do not want” and the drinking buddy of “sauce”, MOAR is an expression of interest and desire, indicating the poster wishes more of the same or similar type of content thus provided.

More of a demand than a polite request, sources indicate it’s not just a throwback to the heady days of 1337speak when deliberate mispeelings were all the rage, but rather is a roar for more.

Urban Dictionary:

1. A combination of “more” and “roar”. 2. An order bellowed to a forum to remedy the bellower’s insufficient pr0n collection. Usually accompanied by foaming at the mouth. troll89 posts: omg she’s hawt! MOAR!!


There doesn’t appear to be any individual of record to credit with the invention of this meme, but practical ownership appears to belong to 4chan’s Anonymous, where the term is most commonly found.

æ – encyclopediadramatica

Moar, like sauce, is a word invented by /b/tards. Analogous to a baby crying for it’s pacifier
and chicks chirping for food, moar is cried out by helpless btards, in hope that maybe, just
maybe OP will step in and regurgitate the whole set. Also like sauce, it is used whenever
someone puts up some porn of unspeakable nature. It has become such a well known meme that it
is often used in place of more in IRC, though this practice is annoying to some people, as it
distorts the original meaning of the word.


The most common usage is an image based meme in lolcat style with a person, animal, or object that appears to be yelling, with the word “MOAR” attached. There are other variants which have pleading faces or simply the word by itself for instance, however a yell image tends to be most appropriate – ideally the word “MOAR” is written in uppercase to indicate fervent ardor with a touch of obnoxiousness.

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