Nantsutte tsuchatta

Nantsutte tsuchatta

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Nantsutte tsuchatta (なんつってつっちゃった!) or “Just kidding just slipped out” is a phrase said on the 2nd Episode of the anime Yuyushiki. The meme consists on repeating the catchphrase attaching the picture of a character, with the purpose of reading it in their voice.


At the start of the episode one of the girls, Nonohara Yuzuko, says it and they realized how it rolls of the tongue extremely well and how catchy it sounds, so they start singing it.

On April, 2013, the catchphrase was discussed on the 4chan /a/ board in the episode thread, with comments like: “Guys I can’t stop saying nantsutte tsuchatta, help me please” or simply saying “Nantsutte tsuchatta!”


After that, threads were created spamming the phrase, with every response having a character repeating the catchphrase, a parody of it, or confused users asking “What is going on?” only to be answered with the same phrase over and over again. Some users even repeated the phrase themselves uploading it to vocaroo. The threads reached more than 300 replies in a few hours[1].

The meme spread fast to Futaba Channel (2chan), causing some parodies:

The scene was uploaded to youtube on two versions, the original and a 5 minute loop, but the first one was made private, and the second was taken down the next day, maybe by copyright problems.

[1]4chan Archive – First thread

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