Palin is Taco

Palin is Taco

Updated Sep 30, 2012 at 10:25PM EDT by opspe.

Added Sep 01, 2010 at 08:58PM EDT by FarkYourMeme.

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Two weeks prior [prior to what?]on popular news aggregator, a threadjack occurred in a Politics tab thread around 2AM by hungry Farkers posting images of tacos. Their unanimous love for tacos was one of only very few instances that FARK LibTards (liberals) and FARK ReTards (conservatives) have ever come to agreement on.

One week prior [prior to what?], a FARK Moderator entered into a thread where a threadjacking occurred concerning FARK ReTards trolling with ‘moving the goalpost’ logic,baiting, blatant racism, and using multiple ‘alts’, or alternative accounts to do so.

The moderator deleted multiple comments, some of which paired alts, fingering culprits, and some just plain outrage about the politics tab turning for the worse as election time gets closer. Farkers were sour at their comments being deleted and many of their questions went unanswered as the Moderator chose to just spam an automated message directing them to the FArQ, which didn’t answer their questions either.

On August 31, 2010 in a thread about Sarah Palin, the trolls were at it again, so fed up one farker posted a picture of a taco.

The tacos in comments and pictures started popping up as the trolls kept trolling. New memes were being made, some of which incorporated both Sarah Palin and tacos, some referring to her vagina as a taco, as well as one which called out a specific user, which many FARK LibTards consider the King of the FARK ReTarded Trolls.

A FARK Moderator deleted the entirety of the taco memes, even the Palin incorporated ones. The thread went ablaze with fiery dissent over the removal. [citation needed] The Moderator that deleted the content engaged the angry Farkers, explaining that threadjacking and calling specific users out by user name is prohibited.

The discussion itself turned into a threadjack about threadjacking, threadshitting, and trolls.

Farkers began complaining about how the Moderators protect the bait trolls, racist trolls, troll mods, and general thread stupidity. [citation needed] Farkers felt that if the trolls could threadjack to start arguments, why couldn’t they do it in a way that was constructive and fun. Again, the FARK LibTards hadn’t had all their questions answered to clarity, and this time there would be a food fight.

Tacos and Taco-Palin memes began popping up in other Sarah Palin threads first, followed by being reposted in the original thread they were taken down from. The assertion was made that Tacos had just as much to do with Politics as Sarah Palin ever since she left office for Showbiz. [citation needed] “Palin is to politics, as taco is to politics, except taco doesn’t quit” posted one FARK LibTard. “Taco is Palin, Palin is Taco” posted another. The next day tacos, taco references, and new ‘Palin is Taco’ memes popped up.

On, Sarah Palin, her vagina, trolls and mods alike are now met with taco’s, because seriously, who doesn’t like tacos?

Palin is Taco.

UPDATE: Meme has extended to incorporate turtles, creme brulee, grilled cheese, and popular anime Akira. [citation needed]

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When I saw this trending I was very confused about what this would be about. Now that I read everything, I can honestly say that I had every right notion to think that. Because after reading this I’m even mote confused.


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