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Panchira Series

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Panchira Series (Japanese: パンチラシリーズ) refers to a series of hand-drawn animated videos featuring the song “Panchira of Joy-Toy” by a Japanese rock band Group Tamashii.[1] It was a popular subject for fanworks among female users in Nico Nico Douga (NND) around 2008-2009.


“Panchira of Joy-Toy” is a comical rock tune drawing men’s passion to Panchira (パンチラ)[2], situation of female underwear being glimpsed from skirts or pants. It was included in Group Tamashii’s second major album Araburu Nihon no Tamashii Tachi (荒ぶる日本の魂たち) released on June 23rd, 2004.

The first hand-drawn animated video was posted to NND on June 24th, 2008[3] by NND user cdm. The characters reproducing the lyrics along with the song in this video come from CAPCOM’s video game series Sengoku BASARA.[4] Due to its lovely illustrations and comical rendition, the original video on NND had reached over 1 million page views in October 2012.

Japanese Translation
panchira! panchira! pantera! panchira!
panchira! panchira! battera! panchira!

ore ga panchira miteru wake janee!
omae ga panchira miseten darou!
sou darou!
koushou seiritsu!
OK! OK! give me! panchira!

panchira! panchira! kasutera! panchira!
panchira! panchira! bakazura! panchira!

betsu ni pantsu ga mitai wake janee!
ore wa panchira ga mitain da ze!
machigaeru na!
kaban de kakusu na yo!
OK! take me! panchira!

shuuen joyuu no panchira!
ichinichi shochou no panchira!
shikyuushiki de panchira!
aah isogashii! isogashii!
tasukete kure!

betsu ni bonyari shiteru wake janee!
panchira ni tsuite kangaeten da yo!
mina made iu na!
goriyaku goriyaku!
mouke! mouke! panchira!

shuuen joyuu no panchira!
giri no neesan no panchira!
tama ni mitai na munechira!
aah isogashii! isogashii!
nibai nibai!
tasukete kureee!

Pantie flash! Pantie flash! Panther! Pantie flash!
Pantie flash! Pantie flash! Mackerel sushi! Pantie flash!

It’s not like I’m looking for pantie flashes!
You’re the one who’s showing off your panties!
Ain’t that right?!
End of negotiations!
OK! OK! Give me pantie flashes!

Pantie flash! Pantie flash! Sponge cake! Pantie flash!
Pantie flash! Pantie flash! Stupid face! Pantie flash!

It’s not like I want to look at panties!
I want to look at pantie flashes!
Get that straight!
Don’t hide yourself with your bag!
OK! Take me, pantie flashes!

A pantie flash from the leading actress!
A pantie flash from the one-day boss!
Meet the opening pitch ceremony with pantie flashes!
Ohhh so busy! So busy!
I need heeeeelp!

It’s not like I’m just staring off into space!
I’m thinking about pantie flashes!
You don’t need to say anything more!
It’s a blessing from God!
Win-win with pantie flashes!

A pantie flash from the leading actress!
A pantie flash from the sister-in-law!
Sometimes I want to see a flash of tits!
Ohhh so busy! So busy!
Twice more than before
I need heeeeelp!

Via: Digital Scratch[5]


Similar to other hand drawn animation fads on NND, this well-made animated video succeeded to earn many followers. They began mimicking the video by tracing it with their favorite characters.[6] In particular, there are many Yaoi (Boys’ Love) editions of Panchira on the web because it became to a sort of template of fan works among Fujoshi, female otakus deeply addicted to homosexual shipping.[7] As of July 2013, the amount of those normal/Yaoi videos in this series is more than 250 in total.

Commercial Success

The user, cdm, also triggered several hand drawn animation fads on NND, which include Spitting While Kissing in the same year. This amatuer illustrator earned much of fame on the video sharing service, and then, the fame led him to commercial media.

On August 2010, he started to release a comic book series Chōyaku Hyakunin isshu: Uta Koi[8] and succeeded to debut as a professional mangaka Kei Sugita.

Notable Examples

Left: Axis Powers Hetalia[9] | Right: Final Fantasy[10]

Left: Silent Hill[11] | Right: Naruto[12]

Yaoi Edition

Left: Reborn![13] | Right: The Prince of Tennis[14]

Left: Summer Wars[15] | Right: Inazuma Eleven[16]

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