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Here we are, as we dwell into another meme relevant to the villain society.
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Aku, the Shape-shifting Master of Darkness, is the main antagonist from the American cartoon show, Samurai Jack. He was voiced by Mako Iwamatsu, who died in 2006 from esophageal cancer. He is the tyrannical ruler of planet Earth who terrorizes its citizens, both human and alien, as it’s supreme authority. Aku is known for his over-the-top, hammy personality, flaming eyebrows, and ability to change form into monstrous creatures. The only downside to the shapeshifting is that his color scheme will always be of the colors red, black, green, and white. Some of his forms can raise zombies from the dead and create duplicates of himself.

As a villain, Aku describes himself, in episode 1, as the “Shogun of Sorrow, the Master of Masters, and the Deliverer of Darkness.” Proven throughout the series, he cannot be destroyed by bows, regular magic, or swords. The one thing that does hurt him is the magic of the Gods and the sword Jack and his father wield. As usual, Aku sends out minions to destroy Jack so that he wouldn’t use the sword to harm him, until in season 4 episode 9, “Jack vs Aku”, he duels with Jack one on one without his sword making Aku less worried on what is about to be his destiny.


The first Samurai Jack episode was aired in August 10, 2001, where it shows at the beginning of the episode, Aku being freed from a tree. Later on, in season 3, episodes 11 to 12, “The Birth of Evil parts 1 and 2”, it fully shows how Aku came to be and how he was trapped in the tree he was in.


Aku is in a long rivalry with Jack himself, as Jack wants to go back in time to destroy Aku so he can save humanity from it’s darkest hours. Aku would always be watching Jack from his lair as he tries to find ways on destroying the samurai for good. A good example on that would be on season 1 episode 2, where one of Aku’s spies told him that Jack was coming to destroy him. On some occasions before the episode Jack vs Aku came, he would fight Jack himself, and would most likely fail. When Aku would lose to Jack, he would get away from Jack and taunt him to just feel enraged. This is proven greatly on the episode “Jack vs Aku”, as Aku explains what will obiously happen.

He is even a jerk with him when in season 2 episode 1 “Jack learns to jump good”, he takes the portal away and taunts Jack by simply saying,“This portal is beyond your reach samurai!”

Popularity on Websites

The popularity of Aku comes from a few certain sites. In DeviantArt, there are about 2,937 arts about Aku when you type in the keywords Samurai, Jack, and Aku. On that website though, he is one of the many subjects of fanart on the DeviantArt community. On Youtube with the same keywords, there are about 4,750 videos about Aku. In Tumblr, there is an unknown amount of the pictures of Aku, and in this situation, we’ll say there’s about 2,000 to 4,000 pictures of Aku.

He even is on some threads in websites like Comic Vine, that argued if he is the best villain, if he is the most favorited villain, or if he would win against any other villain. Some of those threads include either art or gifs about Aku.


Aku is notable for his plain evilness, hatred on Jack, evil laughs and ‘hilarious’ jokes. In some pictures on the web, those things are seen in pictures, and are either of Aku doing those things to Jack or to another person. In some other pictures, there are cameos of other characters like Zim and Chrysalis that try to impersonate Aku. He’s also known as a troll and would either taunt Jack or some other character in some pictures on the web.

He was seen in two Advice Animal styled memes called Scumbag Aku. It starts with something that Aku is having trouble on or is successful on, then at the end it shifts to how he solves the problem or what he still relies on. There were only those two known Scumbag Aku memes that were out there in the meme world, for now. For other memes he was in, he was also seen in a ‘U mad?’ pic, and a ‘Me Gusta’ pic titled ‘Akusta’.

Cells Section 1 Section 2
Cell 1 _____ Scumbag Aku 1 _____ Akusta
Cell 2 _____ U Mad Bro? _____ Scumbag Aku 2

Fun facts:

Aku seems to be one of the growing YTP sources in the Youtube society growing little by little, only being seen in a few videos though.

Example of one here:

The name Aku refers to the word, or describing emotion in one’s heart, evil.

Due to his design, he was also known as a comedic villain.

Some other heros or villains like Hades from Disney’s Hercules, Human Torch from Marvel’s the Fantastic Four, and those that are made from fire or have fire powers are similar to Aku all because of their pyrokinesis.

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