Antoni Pieter Yahya

Antoni Pieter Yahya

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Antoni Pieter Yahya is an Indonesian YouTuber known for his extremely poor command of English, serial plagiarism, comment spam and his numerous sockpuppet accounts. He would usually add crudely-drawn faces and other “edits” to the videos he plagiarises, with either Windows Movie Maker or what appears to be a trial of AVS Video Editor, based on the watermark on some of his videos.


Yahya made his first account circa 2008 or 2009. While he did upload his usual share of “cartoon” videos at the time, it was in 2010 when he eventually shifted into plagiarising videos from other users, adding the aforementioned Microsoft Paint faces on the stolen videos.

In October 2011 Yahya unwittingly posted sensitive personal information, including user credentials to several of his Google accounts on his blog. Lulz ensued in January 2013 when this was discovered, leading to some of his online accounts being commandeered, defaced or taken down. Yahya eventually re-emerged like as if nothing has happened, continuing on with his usual hijinks.[1]

Yahya was later spotted commenting and even uploading pornographic material, and, much to the disgust of Youtubers, references to pedophilla and child pornography, judging from his antonithepedo and the newantonithepedo sockpuppet channels, suggesting an apparent sense of perversion even despite his age.[2]


Antoni’s strange and bizarre antics, along with his next to incoherent grammar, earned the ire of YouTube communities whom he crossed paths with, especially Untergangers who had at least one of their videos being used without permission. While some resorted to trolling or harassing him, others, like Soalric, condemned and criticised the actions against him as being harsh and bordering on cyberbullying, and suggesting more civil actions to be taken.

It is suggested that Yahya suffers from a mental illness, judging from his aforementioned behaviour – Youtuber Skylightsparkle noted that Antoni may be suffering from grandiose delusions, as it appears that he has delusions of “running” a “TV network”, and tries to earn a sizeable audience in vain by making hundreds of videos and user accounts.

Actions by Youtubers

Unterganger Subtitlecomedy suggested filing DMCA complaints against Antoni, although complicating matters is the Content ID system flagged on most Downfall parodies. This, however, worked on videos that are heavily edited and made use of special effects/CGI, to which Yahya would steal and take interest in. While this didn’t exactly put Antoni’s tomfoolery to a halt, other users such as Hitler Rants Parodies, DictatorAntics and WonkyTonkBotty followed suit, which resulted in the takedown of several of his sockpuppets due to numerous copyright complaints.

Yahya, however, went so far as to filing incoherent counter-claims, which, oddly enough, worked, mostly as despite the fact that Untergangers have sent rebuttals to dispute the said claims, YouTube apparently turned a deaf ear and claimed that no replies were made at the time of the dispute.[1]

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