Doctor Popov/Доктор Попов

Doctor Popov/Доктор Попов

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Pyotr Alexandrovich Popov (Dr. Popov, Dr. Anus, Doctor Cucumber) – funny healer and homosexual medical freak who uses unconventional methods of treatment. Methods of treatment are recorded on amateur camera and uploaded to YouTube, tearing brain potential Users. For some time it YouTube channel was deleted , mess it in order to raise the Points of the site and get a PROFIT, but now restored

Dr. Popov fell into the borderline state of consciousness a few years ago. With its strong health recipes he tried to break into zomboyaschik. He even managed to get there (it is possible that a bed) and play in a few gears. But TV producers not imbued his treatments. Furthermore, while the objective was competition Gennady Malakhov, who taught millions of grandmothers smeared on bread evaporated urine. As a result, our cheerful doctor was sent off in disgrace in the cold without a livelihood.
The next step was to conduct recreational tours around the world, where the doctor was treating patients in their methods. That is, as it were, for your money, you can stick in the ass cucumber professionally on the French Riviera

Real fame came to the doctor, when he was able to buy an amateur video camera. Began to appear on YouTube author Dr. Popov courses to increase health by increasing the diameter of various openings of the body. This could not but stir up public opinion that broad river spilled all RuNet shitblogs, bringing new people into the universal knowledge of the cucumber and anal.
April 1 Popov came to smischnoy release of “Let Them Talk” with Voronov, Golopolosov and other cattle, where Petrosyan of Comedy-Club “funny” tried to joke on him.

Lifeblood of cucumber

Author’s technology hemorrhoid treatment method of introduction into the anus of live cucumber. Invented homosexual doctor during the painful absence of an active partner. The point is. From unsuspecting cucumber bites the tip, cucumber moistened with saliva, then parted the sphincter muscle, and not bitten residue is inserted into the hole. It is necessary to try to do so without disrupting the cucumber patch. Attentive Anonymus could see that in the English version of this miracle is an alert that warns the user from using cucumbers from the supermarket. This is motivated by the fact that Russian cucumber small and large U.S. can harm anal health. Of course if the anus was not a “special training.”

Comments: Users:
Dear Doctor, I dont have my farm, and I had to carry out medical procedures on other people’s farms, at night, because the day vacationers obscene language and trying to hit me with a shovel. I learned to run fast and jump over fences perfectly. But the night is cold, frostbitten right egg. Tell me, what and where should stick to fix it?

By the way doctor, and how to treat hemorrhoids in the winter when there are no cucumbers? Icicles fit? and they also need to insert without removing the roof of the house ….? And then we also get the power of the earth even a double hanging on the roof (one), and when the icicle melts of our problem we ebnemsya hot ass on the pavement (two)! it’s also the power of the earth, am I right?

When you go to the market to buy cucumbers, make sure they were not bitten. And then you never know

In very advanced cases, traditional healers recommend using zucchini :)

In the next step of the way to anal perfection when cucumber could not meet the needs of old body, Dr. Popov began to hone new and unexpected facets of his talent.
The procedure is performed as follows. At the appointed hour, you get to just give birth chicken and bleeding from Kvočka a mother her child. This child (usually in the form of eggs) to insert all the long-suffering in the same hole. In this case, the doctor advised not to do this without prior training and consulting a doctor.
Just imagine Dr. Popov, day and night trains on his haunches in the hen house with a bloody anus, which implies the contents of crushed egg.
Just imagine a real doctor, to which you have come to the consultation on the instruction of Popov. What he will have big eyes. And spilled coffee in surprise … And this trembling hand, provided referrals to a mental hospital …

Th you all laughs!?? Is the real way! Right now, for example, I’m in the garden, with a cucumber in the ass, trying to crawl out of a rolled carpet sniffing with mushrooms. This should triple the effectiveness of treatment and is likely to give power of the Earth.

Please tell me how to stick an egg in your ass if I have there is a cucumber?

Doctor, if you insert a dick in the ass, this is from what disease cure?

Dear Doctor, tell me things that need to be put in the ass to cure a cough and runny nose

People, I put my ass planet Jupiter. Most, but breaks! How to remove it? There constantly storms occur and is a gas planet, I always fart (from this burn all around, strange), who have already inserted the gas giant anal, advise!

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