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Geckosandcheerios was a spamming user on, but the rare kind: he was loved by the site. All he did was post gifs of Geckos eating Cheerios, and Funnyjunk loved him for it. Seeing his gifs on comment quickly became a fad in
the 4 short days he was on the site. However, after posting 999 comments and 2 gifs as content: he decided it was enough. He posted a video true to his name ( with the following speech as the final comment:

“So. One thousand comments. You know, I made this account a bit past midnight four days ago. I had these gifs, and I liked them, so I thought it would be funny to spam them around a bit. So I spent a bit of time in the newest uploads, posting it to each new piece of content. Got some green thumbs, got some red thumbs, got some rage and some love. I went to bed satisfied that I had managed to entertain a few people. I woke up the next morning to about fifty notifications. Your comment has reached the top 200. Twelve people have replied to your comment. By the time I got through all of them, more had come. I checked my profile and saw that I had thousands of thumbs, and dozens of people had sent friend requests or posted on my profile, saying they loved what I had done. And I saw a purpose. I had been given a once in a lifetime opportunity. No, once in a thousand lifetimes. People were comparing me to Ray Bingo or “Asians can read minds,” but they were loving it. So I took up my mantle and spread the geckos throughout FunnyJunk. And the love kept coming. Top hundred. Top ten. Top comment. Hundreds of alerts, professing their love. But I knew that it couldn’t last. Everything has to end. I’ve seen these fads, coming in and then slowly dying, lingering in FJ, thinking they could go on. I’ve wished that they would just end, take their fifteen minutes of fame and not try to drag it out. Hell, it happens in real life. So this is what I can give to you, FunnyJunk. I don’t quite know how this happened, but I do know how it will end. This will be my last comment. I’ve seen people calling me a savior, somebody who can change this site. I can’t give you change. I doubt anybody can. All I can give you is a symbol, and maybe one final lick.”

And just like that, he was gone. Immortalized as the hero Funnyjunk needed, but did not deserve. A requiem was written in his honor by the user “Undeadwill”:

“geckosandcheerios entered our life suddenly and without warning. Some loved him and others hated him. But he defiantly changed us as a community. For many years many the sands time blow brings sorrow and joy to those who stand to withstand it may see tomorrow. But so long as the winds of time blow no man will ever forget you. You who could climb to the top like a rocket reaching for the stars. Keep soaring buddy. You were truly the best of us all. You arose a hero and left before you became the villain. You were the hero we needed not the one we deserved but despite our short comings you became our hero. I wish I had words to properly send you away. But I know in all the hearts of Funny Junkers we have one gift to give. We give you our memory and an immortality in our hearts and minds of all who knew you. God speed friend. Long live geckosandcheerios. Stay golden.”

There were some who didn’t like him at first, like user “Ohgodmysides”, but they came around:

“I will be honest. I was one of the first ones to be fed up with you. I never complained or flamed, but there was a day that I wished I could thumb someone down more often than 5 times, because of you.
I am no fan of bandwagons, and this one hit way too hard for my taste. I saw my duty and worked for it.

Right now, I have tears in my eyes. I have fought you with no regret. Maybe, deep inside I knew I was just trying to console you, to tell you that you can’t go on like this. I feared that you would become a fad like all the others, turn to be hated before it was too late. Don’t become one of them, geckosandcheerios, don’t, please don’t, I thought.

And now, here I stand. You did it all right. You knew your limits all along and didn’t hesitate at all. I tried teaching you something which you always knew. I concede. You won a war that you couldn’t win in the longterm.

Have all my respect and know you won more than pinkies, but our hearts. Even mine. Farewell."

The tears shed on the day he left will never be forgotten.

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