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One of Jimbomcbs Video’s,D:


JimboMcB is a YouTube user who creates Source Film Maker videos.He is the Creator of the Nope.Avi Video,along with other Handfulls and Handfulls of hilarious Videos.His Channel gained,as of March 2nd,53,330 Subscribers and 21,632,393 Video Views,making him one of the most influential Source Filmmakers on YouTube.



Nope.avi was originally created by Jimbomcb and uploaded on January 11th, 2010, using Valve’s Source Filmmaker software. The clip begins in the Gravel Pit map with a BLU Engineer character approaching the screen, who suddenly stops and utters the phrase “nope” while his neck elongates, and ends with the character promptly walking away.

The embeddable clip of Nope.avi was quickly adopted by Team Fortress 2 fans who frequent Steam Users’ Forums to tell another user “no” in a rude manner, oftentimes for comedic effect. According to Team Fortress Wiki.

Kiss Me

Kiss Me was uploaded on January 16th,2010,atleast 5 days after Nope.avi,using the same Software mentioned above.The Clip begins with a BLU Heavy and RED Scout confronting eachother on the 2Fort Bridge,the Heavy then utters “Kiss Me” in front of Scout.The Scout then replies “No!” and jumps away from the Heavy.The Heavy then Cries and Sad Music Starts playing.The Series contains numerous encounters with the Heavy,in which 1 contains The Heavy charging toward the Scout,forcing him to kiss him.

Gmod 10/13 Related

You Need Me/Orichi Gman

You need me was uploaded December 3,2011.The Video involved 2 of Jimbomcbs friend’s,Craptasket,and Postal123 creating a strange looking Creature with the Bone Manipulator Tool in Gmod 13 Beta.

In the Video,The user runs away from a Creature that resembles Gman From Half Life 2,however,the Creature is composed of a Rebel Medic(also from the same game)and consists of 6 Gman-Heads.It appears to be chasing Jimbomcb,Or whoever is recording for that matter.It is unknown if the Creature actually attacks or not,as it is not shown.

External References

Youtube – JimboMcB

Youtube – Nope.Avi

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