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PlasticBieber. An 11 year old girl, who hates One Direction, rude to every muslim, saying she threw an egg at a Muslim Lady (Rude much)?
Well, there was a recent video of her, which is fell on her face (?) and people found out the she was the one who is plastic bieber, making all those rude twitter tweets. What she truly says is disgusting. Most of us teens, are mostly likely, trolling people, & post videos of accidents to have a good laugh, but I’m sure we show respect to other people.

This girls 11, who says she already lost her ‘V’ and said anyone who didn’t should die.

& I think she said she lost her V to her cousin (Wtf)?

She always stated that her little sister was listening to One Direction and that she almost drowned her for that.
So lets get this straight
11 year old, who isn’t a virgin
Had ‘it’ with her 16 year old cousin
Almost Drowned her sister
& Give a random dude ‘Oral’ Just for a pepsi?

What has our generation come to?
Oh & her friend, plastickimmy is just the same.

Ha, and then the video came out of her falling on her face because she sold 60 girl scout cookies, and started dancing , next thing you know BOOM, she falls on her face and starts crying like that little b she is. Over 400.000 People laughed at her,
She got what she deserved, but her twitter updates still are going on and on , making rude remarks.

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For the last time are you idiots ever going to realize that my sister (the one in this video, brooke) is not plasticbeiber. She doesn’t even know what twitter is and do you really think that account is run by a 11 year old girl, seriously its probably some fucked up 50 year old man and is using my little sister as a decoy. Think people THINK!!
Quote from the video posted.

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