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ProtonJon (real name Jonathan Wheeler) is a popular LPer; he is best known for his videos on YouTube, though he is actually part of the “original generation” of LP’ers from Something Awful along with slowbeef, Diabetus, DeceasedCrab, Psychedelic Eyeball, and Wugga (the latter two being his partners for his famous LP of Kaizo Mario World). He is a native of Canada, and is well-known as the one who is largely responsible for the spread of the Let’s Playing phenomenon to YouTube.[1] In addition to his solo projects and personal collabs, ProtonJon is a member of the Runaway Guys with NintendoCapriSun and Chuggaaconroy (the latter of which he was a direct inspiration for)[1]. The Runaway Guys have also included guest players on certain projects (so far, these guests have included Josh Jepson for the New Super Mario Bros. Wii and New Super Mario Bros. U LPs, Lucahjin for the Little Big Planet LP, and SuperJeenius for the Castle Crashers LP).

His most notable LPs are his playthroughs of Mario ROM-hacks (which inspired the proliferation of said ROM-hacks, more Let’s Plays of such, and the development of Let’s Playing on YouTube as a whole) and his playthrough of the infamous Superman 64. The latter LP is an exercise in seeing how badly the game can be broken, and he goes out of the way to show off various glitches and bugs in the game’s programming. He also provides backstories on the game’s development. In one video, he even claims to have interviewed some of the developers about the game, and provides a transcript of one such interview with one of the founders of Titus Studios, Eric Caen. In the interview, Eric displays disappointment with the “finished” product that is Superman 64, stating that “it is less than 10% of what we hoped to accomplish” and blaming the licensers (especially Warner Bros. studios) for interfering with the game’s development. Unfortunately, the interview was not quite as informative on the developmental process as Jon would have liked, for Caen was still under a non-disclosure agreement and could not divulge certain details about the project. Nonetheless, the LP of Superman 64 has actually gotten attention from the gaming press for being the most thorough LP of the infamous game to date.[2]

His current projects on his channel are a pair of collaborations with TheAwfulgamerHD, MD7, and Exfauxsure to play through Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World and Castle Crashers.

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[1]ProtonJon on TV Tropes

[2]Kotaku’s article on ProtonJon’s LP of Superman 64

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